bean bag rounds vs rubber bullet

Is your house worth more than someone’s life? He plays possum, you’re the big man with the gun, he gives up, but do you really think he’s going back to jail when he just spent the last 10 years there pumping iron? Your justification in shooting will be judged. Bean bag rounds at close range from a shotgun is practically lethal dude lolMany people do not believe that anyone and everyone who might invade the home should be or needs to be attacked with lethal force. Saying that citizens should never use less-than-lethal (LLL) ammunition is just wrong. when i fire it’s going to be the most lethal shot i can take.“in my case i’m protecting a house full of females”In my twenties, I liked living in California with a home full of single females. They are born and raised to be scum bags.Lol my state says use the force necessary to stop the threat. I’ve recently bought a Taser Pulse. If someone had a firearm (not allowed here) maybe he could have been stopped.less lethal ammunition is used to gain compliance from a person when lethal force is not required but is justified, that is why you should always have backup that has lethal ammunition. After that it’s hollow points. Then on what basis can you rationally conclude that it would not incapacitate? its enough to put you on your knees. Restrictions on firearms, especially not permitting fully-auto home-defence handguns like Glocks, mini-Uzi’s etc is unconstitutional.Hello sir let me introduce myself. I’m defense attorney for an undisclosed state. I called the sheriff. cause you are filling me with shit if you say they wont stop an attacker. To just kill first and ask questions later is to live in fear. Set a trap? Suppose you are a rancher in the rural Wyoming, and that criminals have been coming on to your property and stealing your equipment and supplies. It was my own damn choice to use the weapon and ammo that I did, and i’m my case it paid off. If the courts disagree with me, then I guess I’ll just do my time.As others have said, ordinary citizens aren’t cops. A lawyer can easily make the jury believe you did not fear for your life and your use of force was not justified under self-defense laws. Deadly force can only be used in situations where: 1) the defendant reasonably believed that he, or someone else, was in imminent danger of being killed or suffering great bodily injury; 2) the defendant reasonably believed that the immediate use of deadly force was necessary to defend against that danger; and 3) the defendant used no more force than was reasonably necessary to defend against that danger. But I’ve demonstrated that I’ve progressed from the least amount of force which justifies my self defence. You are legally justified in the use of lethal force only when you, or an innocent third party, are in the immediate danger of death or grave bodily harm. If your worried about them suing you guess what your likely to have a civil suit anyway if you kill them.Have you even been shot by a 9’mm. I don’t want to kill them so maybe getting hit hard with rubber balls wil teach them to stay homeWhere can you get those high-tech flying orbs like from the movie Phantasm ? WE ARE THE TRUE LORDS OF THE COURT. If it doesn’t, I can always beat them to death with the shot gun itself. You protect yourself the best way possible, PERIOD!A month ago, there was a good post here about the statistical stopping power of the .22 caliber. (and if you’re not familiar with the concept of a continuum of force then you have no business with a firearm, period.) Of course I would need to test fire this type of ammo to make sure they cycled properly. IMMEDIATE danger of DEATH or GBH.You are not a police officer. The sheriff’s deputies (who are a half-hour’s drive away) tell you that you cannot shoot them to protect your property, and they advise you not to confront them if they come back – but they say that they can’t give you legal advice on what to do. One day, you are working in one of your outbuildings and see some teenagers on your property near another outbuilding. The rubber bullets — as well as tear gas, flash-bangs and beanbag rounds — that protesters around the country have faced in marches against … Trust me. I value my butt hole too much to be a quick draw and lose in court.

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