best ikea countertop for desk reddit

Perfect. Do I have to or do you think it'll stay supported?Which of the two boards would you get? Neither of them are solid wood as I'm aware of like the HAMMARP but unfortunately that's sold out. level 1. Buy 28" table legs from amazon or Ikea and buy a butcher block from Menards or a lumber liquidator or anywhere. Sort by. I believe they're both the same material, so it's just aesthetics I suppose, but one is almost twice as expensive as the other.Get one of the $15 Olov legs. 1.3k. Everything you said is pretty damn true.Both are solid wood, unless you go crazy no need to reinforce.Price difference is different woods are more luxurious and cost more. Ikea Countertop Desk 98 inches! ... 96% Upvoted. Ikea Countertop Desk 98 inches! I think mine was like 150$ and it's 2'x4'.

A subreddit for reddit users' battlestation pictures. countertops, but I'm just not sure which … Thanks!The legs I cannot find, but they just screw right into the wood using screws. I'll grab another pic when I have a second.

This thread is archived. We can help you with desks, monitors, design, etc.Press J to jump to the feed. Rest is particle board I believe.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castThis subreddit is to find help with your battlestation. They’re adjustable and you wouldn’t even need to screw it in, just adjust it so it is bearing the weight. Otherwise I’d be too lazyI tried an Ikea tabletop and after a few months with a 3 monitor mount attached to it, it started cracking.So this is my reccomendation. And how'd you attach the legs to the table? Works great. Hey everyone, I've been looking to get a new desk setup for my home office. There is truly no such thing as too much horizontal real estate.With that set up, a mechanical keyboard would fit perfectlyWhat is the exact countertop and legs model? best. I'm thinking of doing either the 78in. What'd you use for the legs? I have two ultrawides I vertically mount above on another and I'm afraid it'll cave in on the boards from all the pressure at one point.

I'm starting to get tired of my black Galant desk, and I love the butcher block look of these countertops. Close. I tried an Ikea tabletop and after a few months with a 3 monitor mount attached to it, it started cracking. I want something mostly simple with a large or wide workspace. I had to measure it out to make sure they were evenThe wood was about $200 CAD and the legs were about $12 each.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castThe place for people to share and discuss their Mac computer setups.Press J to jump to the feed. Add 2x4 to the bottom where you mount your stand, won't have a problem.This is actually false. Posted by 4 years ago. It looks so damn good! The issue isn't with the legs, it is because of the narrow depth I suspect.Great idea! It's an 1/8 of solid wood on each face. By any chance do you remember what model the ikea tabletop was by any chance and if it was wood or particle board?Not sure why you’re getting downvotes...nvm I realized you didn’t praise ikea. The bookshelf is just an Ikea "Lack" shelf drilled into studs.that looks nice! User account menu. Then if you end up thinking it isn’t needed just slide it out and see if the middle sags.They come in black, white, or “silver color” (which is actually a matte gray - it’s the color I have).There is a Gerton adjustable leg too, but at $30 it’s twice the cost of the Olov and don’t know why. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Same countertop, 4 different apartments/flats and 3 different legs -- the counter is still the same.Note: Only HAMMARP (~$.06/sqft) are solid wood, all the other Ikea style counter tops are still particleboard laminated w/ something else.Same is true for the GERTON series desk table top (~$0.05/sqft).Just don't get the particle board stuff and you should be good.Just gave it a sanding to remove the oily finish they put on it at the factory.those legs looks really thin, does the desk wobble?It does wobble a little bit, yes, but only if I try to wobble it. I'm pretty set on getting a desk top or a counter top from IKEA, then putting a set of their ALEX drawers on one side, and two legs on the other side. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I Live 7 hours away from the nearest IKEA and while it was more expensive i feel like its nicer then what i would have got from IKEAah I see, thanks for the advice. And you can be proud of it.Also use a hole saw to put a pass through for your mouse and keyboard cables.You won't need a mouse pad either. It only comes in “chrome plated”.Curious, the closest Ikea is 2 hours from me.. i cant seem to find anything simple like the gerton around where i live (Wisconsin)Anyone who owns the Gerton, would you feel a 4 hour drive (There and back) would be worth it? Sanded, stained, sanded, polyurethane, sanded, polished. I've been looking for something just.. simple like that and its so hard to find for some reason.I just did the gerton build this week. I am thinking about staining it for when I refresh my setup to MACI love my nice, big desk. Note: Only HAMMARP (~$.06/sqft) are solid wood, all the other Ikea style counter tops are still particleboard laminated w/ something else.

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