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But they also described her behavior as occasionally erratic. It was at that point that an officer observed dark hair peeking out from beneath the tarp.Clark survived his self-inflicted injuries. Sometimes he starts daydreaming and catches it being the last thing that pops into his head. “So they’d feel like, ‘Hey, I have a really cool best friend that I can relate to.’ ”But the persona that ended up getting the most attention was one that was very similar to who Bianca really was: a sweet, shy, nerdy girl who was young, beautiful, and very, very sad.Ostensibly, /r9k/ is a forum for posting original content. Formerly an industrial powerhouse, Utica, which has a population of about 62,000, suffered a But the city also fosters allegiance among natives — though some people complain about it, many choose to stay. In real life, the girl stole Trump 2016 signs from her neighbor’s lawn and The girl’s real name, the one that people would later learn for all the wrong reasons, was Bianca Michelle Devins. “It’s a very comfortable area to live and to raise kids,” says Tom Holt, Bianca’s cousin. According to Coromato, Clark told the dispatcher he had committed a murder-suicide and that he was an organ donor, before saying, “I have to do the suicide part of the murder-suicide,” and hanging up.Brandon Clark’s mug shot. At first, Instagram claimed that it was doing everything in its power to scrub the photos from the platform, For weeks, people on the internet seemed to take sadistic pleasure in forcing members of Bianca’s family to see the photo. Although Bianca had experienced separation anxiety in third grade, she had been relatively extroverted and popular until she reached adolescence, at which point “she just lost interest in everything,” Kim says. They dated on and off for the next two years.In August 2017, Bianca ran away to Long Island, where Rob lived.

“She actually said, ‘This is the first time in years that I feel like I have friends,’ ” Kim says. The 21-year-old suspect, Brandon Andrew Clark, posted images of 17 year-old Bianca Devins’ dead body to Instagram, 4chan, and gaming chat platform Discord. At the time, Gianna says, Bianca hated being in front of the camera; for the most part, she was the one who filmed the other two. “I’d lay down and cuddle, and I’d be like, ‘This don’t feel right.’ Because I know who I wanted to be next to me,” he says.In the media, many were quick to attribute Bianca’s death to the For many girls in the community, particularly those who had seen the photo when it was originally posted, Bianca’s murder was a terrifying wake-up call. “A lot of times people say, ‘Oh, I gotta go away and go to a big school,’ but there is opportunity down here.” Bianca wasn’t in a rush to leave, either. “He’s perfect…I’m in love.” According to police, Bianca kissed Oipu while Clark went to get rolling papers. Another person AirDropped it to Rimmer while she was shopping for groceries. “I was thinking, ‘This could have been me, this could have been any of us, but it was Bianca.’”A sample of Bianca’s artwork. This was the first concert she’d been given permission to attend by herself.By all accounts, Bianca had been extremely clear with Clark about the nature of their relationship. He’d wanted something from her, and when she couldn’t or wouldn’t give it to him, he had to send her and the rest of the world a message, which Paladino summarized: “You can’t do this to someone like me, because this is what will happen to you.”Social media only added to the horror. According to screengrabs from the chat, someone did a reverse image search and asked where the photo was from. “She didn’t want to be too far away from us.”The Devins’ four-bedroom home is warm and overcrowded, with flower appliqués and framed adages on the walls, a pastel plush unicorn, and multicolored Legos strewn on the floor. She was subsequently placed in Pinefield, a psychiatric facility in Utica, for a month. She got pregnant with Bianca when she was a 17-year-old Catholic-school junior, and had only been dating her ex, Mike, now a mechanic, for a few months; Kim shows me a photo of her right before her pregnancy, dressed up for an ’NSync concert with her hair in two buns.When Kim found out she was pregnant, she was terrified. (He admits to posting the content, though claims he thought Bianca was going to share it as well.) )Kim says Bianca was relieved by her father’s departure, but also felt abandoned by him. If the girl does anything that somehow deviates from an orbiter’s perception of her, the retaliation is dramatic, usually involving her being doxxed or her nudes being leaked.

In screengrabs of Discord DMs with a friend, she gushes about him that night in schoolgirlish terms: “he smells so nice lol,” she wrote. He was out.” (Both Bianca’s best friend, Gianna Murray, and Gianna’s mother, Erica, confirm this assessment. Later, after Rob threatened suicide, Bianca refused to cooperate with the investigation. For these young women, “being engaged in these communities is an ego boost,” says Citarella. But there was never any question as to whether she would continue with the pregnancy. (Mike Devins did not return multiple requests for comment.

Some of it was mildly eccentric, even charming, and could be attributed to the quirks of an offbeat teenage girl, such as her fondness for cutting off all of her hair and dyeing it on a whim, or running around Walmart with a lampshade on her head.

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