black swan nina and thomas

She sees her toes fusing together like webbed feet. On the subway home, an elderly man sexually harasses Nina and instead of moving away from him, she just watches.At home, Nina's mom asks whether Thomas had "tried anything with her," and they have a huge fight about Erica's life choices.

The scratch on Nina's back is seen, grown far deeper and more serious.On Nina's first day of Swan Queen rehearsals, she's moved to a shared dressing room for lead dancers. Lily finds Nina crying and says Thomas is being too hard on her. "I felt it," an exceedingly pale Nina says.

Ballerinas, needing to stay slim, often live by extraordinarily restrictive Dancing on pointe causes cracked toenails that sometimes never grow back properly, even when the dancer retires. Nina wails as her legs seem to break in half, turning into avian feet.The next morning, Erica tells Nina she's called her in sick for opening night, but Nina insists on going.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. The other company dancers are as surprised as she is, and draw the worst conclusions: When Nina comes out of the restroom, the word "WHORE" is written on the mirror in red lipstick.Back at Nina's apartment, we discover just how unhealthily obsessed Erica is with her daughter: Her bedroom is filled with terrible portraits she's made of Nina through the years. Face à tout cela, Nina, de nature fragile comme le cygne blanc, commence à avoir des visions et des angoisses paranoïaques. I was perfect." Erica cuts Nina's nails violently, hurting her daughter's hand where Nina hallucinated her earlier injury.Nina wakes the next morning looking stressed. Beth se poignarde devant elle, et à de multiples reprises, avec la lime à ongles que Nina lui a rendue, mais quand Nina fuit, une fois dans l'ascenseur de l'hôpital, celle-ci s'aperçoit qu'elle tient la lime à ongles ensanglantée dans sa main. Free of this interloper, Nina finally lets go as she takes to the stage as the Black Swan. By the time she performs in It's virtually impossible to know what exactly was going on with the ballet as well. After her final jump onto a concealed mattress, the wound in her belly pours blood, turning her White Swan costume maroon. Celle-ci en est bouleversée, tente de forcer Thomas à revenir sur sa décision et rend de nouveau visite à Beth à l'hôpital pour lui dire qu'elle comprend ce que cette dernière ressent ; elle en profite également pour lui rendre ses affaires, que Nina avait emportées. Thomas praises Nina's work as the White Swan, but says she still needs major work to pull of the Black Swan. Il a une vraie obsession, qui lui tient à cœur, et qui le pousse à filmer : la quête de la perfection« S'il continue de ne plus chuter, Darren Aronofsky commencera véritablement à s'imposer comme le rejeton naturel de « Sublimement filmé et interprété, ce drame chorégraphique se prend malheureusement les chaussons dans le gore fantastique et finit sur les pointes du ridicule« Ode exténuante à la danse, le dernier film de Darren Aronofsky perd en grâce ce qu'il gagne en ridicule. We learn that the scratches on Nina's back aren't actually real when we see her skin reflected perfectly unblemished in the mirror. Alors que Nina va se changer pour l'acte final, Lily frappe à la porte de sa loge pour la complimenter de son interprétation. Instead, Nina rehearses over and over and starts to have even more vivid and grotesque hallucinations.In a panic, Nina goes to see Beth. Lose yourself," Thomas says. Nina insists Lily doesn't understand.At home, Nina is having more breaks with reality as she sees blood in her bathwater that isn't actually there. She feels the spirit of the dance so hugely, she imagines herself growing luscious black wings. She looks down and sees a shard of glass sticking out of her Nina pulls herself together and brings the house down with her glorious final act. I thought you were done with this, Nina!" She tries to finish Thomas' "assignment," but realizes her mother is sleeping in her room. Lily's back tattoo turns into black swan wings, and her face morphs into Nina's. Les membres du ballet viennent la féliciter pendant que les spectateurs applaudissent. Nina has a small breakdown when she finds out Lily is officially her alternate. "I'm nothing." Exercising control, Erica demands that Nina take her shirt off so she can check the wound on her back.Right at the height of their conflict, Lily comes to the apartment to apologize and Nina leaves with her, even though their dress rehearsal is the next day. Les deux femmes se battent et Nina poignarde Lily avec un éclat de miroir brisé dans la lutte. "Get ready to give me more of that bite," he instructs her, but she's only able to copy what the choreographer demonstrates. Nina throws Lily into the mirror and stabs her in the gut with a shard of glass. Lors d'une soirée de gala afin de présenter la nouvelle reine des cygnes, Thomas présente publiquement Nina en mentionnant également que Beth MacIntyre, danseuse étoile approchant de la quarantaine, ne dansera plus la saison suivante. Nina, contre l'avis de sa mère, décide de sortir en Le lendemain, elle se réveille en retard et, dans les coulisses de l'opéra, apprend avec stupéfaction qu'elle a imaginé la fin de la soirée de la veille, Lily étant repartie avec l'un des hommes qu'elle a rencontré dans la boîte. "I'm not perfect," Beth hisses. "You're stiff like a dead corpse!

Her day gets worse when she finds out Beth has walked into incoming traffic and is badly injured, an incident that took place just after their gala confrontation.

Nina s'y oppose et se bat avec sa mère pour finalement partir au studio. Sa folie atteint alors son apogée tandis qu'elle triomphe, puisqu'elle s'imagine qu'il lui pousse un plumage noir.

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