bmw n62 valve stem seals

For this E65/E66/N62 DIY job-Valve Stem Oil Seals: 11340029751 ***8211; Qty: 2 (16 in a pack) Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and our staff is committed to achieving this goal in every aspect of our business. As a BMW specialist, we can do it for much less. A message will be sent to that address containing a new password. Imagine the low prices of an aftermarket shop and the quality of a dealership combined into one building. There are 32 of them (4 valves per cylinder). BMW Valve Stem Seals Is your BMW V8 burning oil? © 2020 Select Luxury Service. | E53 N62 Valve Stem Seal Replacement DYI. You will prevent damage to the catalytic converters (a very expensive repair if they are damaged), prevent oil consumption, improve rough idle, and can turn off certain check engine light codes. Most forums and technicians will recommend you leave this one to the professionals! Additionally, valve stem seals control lubrication of the intake and exhaust valves. You can tell you are afflicted when bluish smoke comes from the exhaust upon acceleration (after warmup). Enter the email address you used when creating the account and click Send button. Is your BMW smoking?

Not all N62 engines exhibit this problem, but when it happens it must be fixed. When you see smoke with a blue hue coming from the exhaust within 10-15 minutes after the car is started, it’s time to replace your seals. Unfortunately, it cannot be prevented. BMW N62 Valve Stem Seals. This is a common problem that effects BMW’s between ’03 and ’08 with the N62 8-cylinder engine. If your takeoffs are reminiscent of the aftermath of a 4th of July fireworks display it’s time to replace your Valve Stem Seals. Some shops do not have the required special tools to perform the repair.If you are a customer of Select Luxury Service, you know that we provide high quality services for reasonable prices. And if you are not sure about the valve stem seals being a problem on your car, just start it up and let it idle for 10 minutes or so. BMW’s valve cover gaskets also tend to leak over time, and this job alone takes 8 hours! -VALVE STEM SEALS 8-12K-SECONDARY AIR SYSTEM CLEANING 6K-NOT TO MENTION EVERYTHING ELSE BELOW. Select Luxury Service also has all the special tools to perform this job flawlessly and get your BMW running smoothly again!Click any of our high quality luxury vehicle services below to learn more about what automotive services we provide with Select Luxury Service in Marietta, GEORGIA!We also offer great prices at our Luxury Car Parts Department for all you DIYers (Do It Yourself)!

Other Common Names: Valve Stem Seal, BMW Smoking, N62 Smoking, BMW Valve Guide Seals, BMW Burning Oil, BMW V8 Burning Oil Models of Concern: 545i, 550i, 645i, 650i, 745i, 745li, 750i, 750li, X5 – Basically anything with the 8-cylinder N62 Engine (’03-’08 Production!)

The Problem: Valve Stem Seal Smoking in BMW’s with the N62. Even if you go to an aftermarket shop, you typically will end up spending around $5,000+ for this kind of service. Wed love to hear from you and help resolve any concerns you may have!This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. I will also replace the Valve Cover Gasket, Timing Cover Gasket, Engine/Cabin Air Filters and a host of O-Rings that is listed in details. We are able to save you several thousand dollars by performing your valve stem seal replacement here for a fair price!In addition to preventing your car from smoking like an old Toyota at a red light, you can do your engine a huge favor by getting the stem seals replaced. You can drop your car and pick-it up with no human interaction.Here are some adjusted procedural and precautionary measures we are taking at this time, as of 8/28/2020: We have an after-hours drop off AND pick-up system in place if you prefer to not make contact when dropping your car off and coming to pick it up!If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call. There are 32 seals (4 for each valve) that get replaced to improve rough idle conditions, alleviate smoke, prevent oil consumption, prevent damage to the catalytic converters (a very expensive repair if they are damaged),  and correct some (specific) check engine light faults.The other great news is when replacing the valve stem seals, other oil leaks can be corrected at the same time for a fraction of the price, saving you even more money on repairs! Then put the pedal to the metal and watch all the smoke from behind the car!The great news is that we have special tools we can use as independent BMW specialists to cut down on cost and keep the car reliably on the road.

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