body position when crossing an obstacle is quizlet

33 - BOLD)a condition of subnormal body temperature; a chilling effect experienced by a motorcyclist on a chilly day (50 degrees) riding at a speed of 30 mphWhat is the value of dressing in layers? 80 - BOLD)allows the rider to see farther to the sides, but also distorts depth perception (how far away the object is)Where is the greatest potential for conflict? 1, 2)Street, dual-purpose and off-road.

(Q. (Q. 74 - BOLD)Because less than perfect riding conditions (e.g. /Type /Pages Overriding the headlights occurs when: ... vehicles pulling away from parked position, and pedestrians. 73 - BOLD)2-second following distance, 4-second immediate path, and the 12-second anticipated pathWhy is the 2-second following distance considered minimum?

(Q. every time he or she loads a firearm? 1 0 obj /ModDate (D:20070511112158+08'00') 471-479 (2007) 471 EFFECTS OF OBSTACLE HEIGHT ON THE CONTROL OF THE BODY CENTER …

<< A proper technique for going over an obstacle is: Rise off the seat. %PDF-1.3


/Pages 2 0 R

(Q. <<

(Q. (Q. A stationary front cross most often done when the dog is starting from a stationary position like at a start line, contact, or table. (Q.

120 - bold)to diminish visual capabilities and alter good judgmentHow fast is alcohol eliminated from the bloodstream? Leaning forward to listen as a resident… Be aware of their body language.

Lying on the left side, right knee and thigh flexed well above…. >>


42 - bold)order of gears; a typical gear pattern is 1-N-2-3-4-5The front brake lever is found in the front of the right hand grip.

122 - bold)one-half ounce of pure ethyl alcohol: 12-ounce can of beer = 5 ounce glass of wine = a shot of liquorWhat is the best way to approach intervention?

26 - BOLD)What type of injury accounts for the majority of motorcycle deaths?

16 - BOLD)What does it mean to have a margin of safety? a condition of subnormal body temperature; a chilling effect experienced by a motorcyclist on a chilly day (50 degrees) riding at a speed of 30 mph ... choosing a position that helps you see potential problems ahead. /Names 5 0 R 2 0 obj 6 0 obj alone, what should you do with your. Users Options.

(Q. Lateral position: Sims position: Patient lies between supine and prone with legs flexed in front of the patient. 1. hold on to your waist or hips, keep feet on footrests at all times (even when motorcycle is stopped), keep hands and feet away from hot areas, turn your head in direction of the turn, avoid leaning too much or turning around, rise slightly off seat when crossing obstacles

%PDF-1.4 endobj Raise the head of the bed to a 90-degree angle, the patient si….


(Q. Browse 500 sets of na chapter 3 duits flashcards. (Q. /PageMode /UseOutlines /PageLabels 5 0 R


31 - bold)they provide the best combination of fit and protectionDefine "hypothermia" and provide an example. (Q. %���� 19 - bold)providing comfort, increasing visibility, and offering protectionWhat's the difference between a full-face and three-quarter-coverage helmet? reduced traction or visibility, rider fatigue, etc.)

108 - BOLD)Why is a surface most slippery as it begins to rain? 41 - bold)Throttle, clutch lever, gearshift lever, front brake lever, and rear brake pedalWhat is the most common way to initiate and control motorcycle lean (for turns)? 3 0 obj (Q.


(Q. (Q. >> 90 - BOLD)increase your following distance from vehicles ahead to give yourself time and space to execute a smooth, gradual stop; flash your brake light; gradually reduce speed to create more space in front; maintain a lane position that discourages sharing the lane; change lanes; or turn at the next opportunity to allow the person tailgating you to pass byWhat are some factors to search for when approaching a curve? Ref…. (Q. 88 - BOLD)riding in a blind spot, vehicles pulling away from a parked position, and pedestrians stepping into your pathareas around a truck to avoid because the driver cannot see youHow should you respond to a tailgating driver? No Yes Do so if you can. Similar to knee-chest but with a greater bend at the hips. /Type /Metadata

17 - BOLD)consideration for the "margin for error," or how much extra time and space you need given your skill levelWhat is SEE, and what does each letter stand for?

/Title (1550059 1..6) Lateral position: Patient lies on the side of the body with the top leg over the bottom leg. 109 - BOLD)How can a crowned road affect riding? firearm once it is unloaded? (Q. 105 - BOLD)a fall where the rider is thrown from the motorcycle stemming from loss of control during a rear-tire skidkeep your upper torso upright while the motorcycle leansWhat action should be avoided with swerving?

32 terms. 93)position the motorcycle at an angle with the rear wheel to the curb; if using the side stand, turn the handlebars to the left for added stability; park the motorcycle in first gear for extra stability particularly if on an inclineWhy rise off the seat when crossing an obstacle?

This position helps relieve pressure on the coccyx.

76)It provides time to prepare for a situation before it becomes immediate.Name the 3 components of total stopping distance. (Q. Set the firearm on the ground, pointing the muzzle away from where you are crossing . Classes. 1 0 obj >> ... Why rise off the seat when crossing an obstacle? c) Adjust the sights on the firearm. 97)Passing is just like a car; there is no unique procedure.What makes starting out on a hill (upgrade) more difficult?

/Count 10 (Q. They have all the equipment for safe and enjoyable street operation. /Subtype /XML

/Metadata 3 0 R 66 - bold)so that your reflexes will be ready to respond quickly and properly when an emergency situation occursWhat's the purpose of the range safety rules? Proctologic Position.

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