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“I’m not going to deny that. Conventional wisdom dictates that “big, bad corporate radio bosses” stifle freedom more than newspaper bosses. “There are just some things written into the contract that they promised to live up to.”For WCCO or KSTP, which currently have slots open?

For the first time we’ll speak with townspeople, psychological experts, respected investigators, friends and members of both families.

This is The Power Trip Aftter Party, an after show podcast where anything goes!Everyday at 7:40am The Power Trip discusses the biggest, most controversial topics in the world of the Minnesota Vikings. The Power Trip Morning Show On Demand.

“And I don’t know where anybody’s at; so many different businesses are being decimated by what’s taking place.

KFAN applied a Band-Aid to that problem last year when Carly Zucker, wife of Wild winger Jason Zucker, began hosting “Certainly, when we have openings, we don’t get as many females applying as males,” says station manager Chad Abbott, who started at the Fan in 1995.

That doesn’t happen,” says Hartman, who landed at ’CCO shortly after leaving the Fan.

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August 26

August 27 It’s not just the Big Four sports.”KFAN also has The Bit.

We made more mistakes at this radio station than anyone I’ve ever worked for.”KFAN’s nucleus of talent solidified throughout the ’90s. The electronic or print media business, it’s no different.”I was curious if Hartman felt he’d made a mistake eight years ago when he approached Barreiro about splitting up.

KFAN Minneapolis 29 views. The week that was, the week that is and a little sprinkle of off the field content with Tommy Olson's schoolboy charm!

When listeners self-identify as “rubes,” they’re flag-waving ambassadors of The Bit.Tethered together by 100,000 watts, the Bit’s evangelists and true believers become family.“It’s this kind of weird locker room,” explains Swedberg, who helped launch KFAN in 1991. Radio flagship for Minnesota Vikings Football, Minnesota Golden Gophers Football and Minnesota Wild Hockey.

That’s why those ESPN shows are always changing.

Program director Chad Abbott said he needed to meet with the 2-4 p.m. host. August 28 1 pick, Mark Rosen and Carly Zucker talk about some kinks, and Zach Halverson joins in with everyone to play Fill In The Blank!Sauce gets a new dog and makes a major announcement about his living situation, Cory talks about a new video game documentary, Zach Halverson has a horrible taste in everything, and Hawk introduces the world to the massive atrocity he discovered in the bathroom this morning and Eric Nordquist, Ben Leber, and Cory Cove go down to see and react to it live on the air!The Deftones have a new album out and the guys react to it, women are climbing mountains and posting topless photos and Hawk reacts and gets distracted by it, John Kriesel gets greasy, Carly Zucker sees a blue waffle for the first time and plays the Initials Game with Aj, Sauce, Hawk and Parrish!Tommy Olson goes to Burger King for a classic Tommy lunch, the guys guess how many calories it was before Tommy shares his Tommy’s Takes, Mark Rosen reacts to sports announcer Thom Brennaman’s on-air gaffe, and Ben Leber gives his latest analysis on Vikings Training Camp. Monday thru Friday.

BEST OF Bumper to Bumper Wednesday, July 8: Zimmer Talk, Chip Scoggins, Russo Radio, Pat Kessler - Duration: 1:04:08.

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