brown spots on palm leaves

Photo by T. K. Broschat. Palms prefer well-drained, slightly acid soil high in organic content. Photo by M. L. Elliott.

A leaf spot symptomatic leaf segment of the leaf in Figure 1 was placed under high humidity. For vigorous palms, plant in locations that offer full sun to light shade, according to the Clemson University Extension. If palms are used for food purposes, copper fungicides are the only approved fungicides.

Apply a product containing the micronutrients needed by palms, such as Ironite Mineral Supplement, during the same months as the epsom salts applications.Supplemental magnesium and complete micronutient amendments in the fertilizer are important. At some point during disease development, leaf spots will have a contrasting colored edge or halo - e.g., brown spot with a yellow halo, tan center with brown edge or gray center with black edge and a yellow halo (Figs. Was this helpful? More pathogens then the ones listed above may be associated with leaf spots and leaf blights.All palms are susceptible to at least one of the pathogens that cause leaf spots and leaf blights.Viewed as a group, these pathogens should be considered ubiquitous in their distribution.Despite the many pathogens that cause leaf spots and leaf blights, the initial symptoms are very similar.

Palm trees grown in the landscape appear carefree, but they are susceptible to many diseases, insects and nutritional problems. Palms need fertilizers that contain potassium as high as or higher than the nitrogen content. What Causes Brown Spots on Palm Fronds? Apply at intervals sufficient to protect new developing tissue.

No specific name can be assigned to a particular leaf spot or leaf blight until after the pathogen is determined. Some leaf spots initially appear as water-soaked lesions (Fig. 1), hence, the term leaf blight. Since there are many species of the palm tree, determine which tree you are growing and research particular care requirements. Spots are randomly scattered on the leaf tissue. Eventually, only the trunk remains.Preventative fungicides containing copper can be used on plants exposed to the disease (see Table 1 for specific products).

As the spot expands, the center becomes tan and is outlined by a brown to brownish-black edge, but no yellow halo. Palms that are in lawns may become potassium deficient as many turfgrass fertilizers are high in nitrogen, but low in potassium.

Leaf Spots: Palms are commonly affected by many leaf-spotting fungi. Leaf spot exhibitng brown or black centers with yellow halos.

Be sure to only fertilize during the growing season (April through September).The latest research at the University of Florida recommends a fertilizer analysis of 12-4-12-4 (N-P-K-Mg) applied at the rate of 1.5 pounds per 100 square feet over the area beneath the palm canopy. In heavier clay soils, the rate of potassium leaching is reduced. Healthier trees are less likely to suffer from infection and are more prepared to fight for their health. Apply all fungicides at rates and spray intervals according to directions on the label.Outer trunk tissues may seem solid, but affected palms have a hollow sound when tapped. As the spot expands, the center becomes gray with water-soaked edges As the lesions continue to expand, a yellow halo may be observed. 1). More information on how to grow outdoor palms successfully is provided in Infected leaves have small, black, wart-like structures erupting through both leaf surfaces. Not caring for a palm properly can cause it to form brown spots.

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