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Bruce Morrow (born Bruce Meyerowitz on October 13, 1935 or October 13, 1937) (sources differ) is an American radio performer, known for professional purposes as Cousin Brucie or Cousin Bruce Morrow. He got syndicated shows and hosting dates and six decades of radio gigs because Cousin Bruce was a product that sold. His fourth-to-last song was “Teardrops” by Lee Andrews and the Hearts, a wonderful ballad from 1958 that’s all about the desolation of lost love.Introducing the song, Morrow quoted the most painful of the lyrics: He addressed those lines to his wife Jodie, whom he married in 1974. https://www.celebritynetworth.com/.../authors/bruce-morrow-net-worth Bruce Morrow, better known as Cousin Brucie, has a dictum that has served him well through four decades on the radio, and he delivers it with a …
“Jodie and I are very well. Join Facebook to connect with Bruce Morrow and others you may know. He had drop-in guests like Darlene Love, giving him a good reason to play “Today I Met The Boy I’m Going To Marry.”Morrow’s voice, known for a level of energy normally associated with 747 engines or thundering herds of buffalo, sounds a little breathier these days. 'Cousin Brucie' Morrow was born on October 13, 1935 in Brooklyn, New York, USA as Bruce Meyerowitz. But some of us old-timers don’t stay up until midnight much any more. Bruce Morrow. (Update: On Aug. 11, WABC (770 AM) announced Cousin Bruce will be doing a show every Saturday, 6–9 p.m., starting Labor Day weekend. He has been married to Adrienne R (Jodie) Berlin since December 26, 1974.
No matter what, though, it sounds good.What may be most notable, is that all these years later, Cousin Bruce can still be exactly what you expect, and yet at any given moment throw in a little twist — like those last songs.If you wanted to explain to a visitor from Jupiter what classic American rock ’n’ roll radio sounds like, you could play an aircheck of Cousin Bruce. It’s upbeat and enthusiastic. His last words Saturday night were a tacit assurance to long-loyal listeners that it still does, that what they like is still a good thing to like. That one is from 1954, which may seem like forever ago, but was actually recorded a year after student Bruce Meyerowitz from Brooklyn talked New York University into letting him start a college radio station, WCAG.Fun fact: WCAG played classical music. When the Beatles arrived in New York and Morrow was among the privileged few let into their bubble, he wasn’t the voice of hard-core fans who wanted to know their Hamburg setlists. He is known for his work on Dirty Dancing (1987), Sgt. He makes you think the record you’re about to hear could be the greatest record you’ve ever heard.He makes it fun to be a rock ’n’ roll fan, which may be a given today, but bordered on subversion when Bruce Morrow started playing rock ’n’ roll on the radio in 1959.Cousin Bruce helped change that. Since it takes him back to the New York station where he made his reputation, he’s naturally delighted. By the mid-1960s, the hits were considered by a growing number of young fans to be the superficial surface of the real music.That didn’t bother Morrow. Morrow during 2003. 'Cousin Brucie' Morrow, Actor: Dirty Dancing. The show will be simulcast on WLIR (107.1 FM) on Long Island and available to everyone through the WABC app.It probably should be noted that in past days, this would have been an 8 p.m.-midnight show. She was also the recipient, throughout the show, of multiple endearments.

Born: Bruce Meyerowitz October 13, 1935 (age 84) or () October 13, 1937 (age 82) New York City, New York, U.S. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Cousin Bruce Morrow in his WABC days. He’s only 84, even if it feels like Cousin Bruce has been part of American rock ’n’ roll radio not just since the Eisenhower administration, but since the invention of radio itself.In any case, Morrow clearly did not want his last SiriusXM show to come off as a eulogy, though it contained farewell elements.He thanked SiriusXM, which picked him up after New York’s WCBS-FM dropped his last regular terrestrial radio shows as part of a format change, and also thanked his staff. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978) and Across the Universe (2007).

He was The Cuz, occasionally wacky, sometimes sentimental, determined you would enjoy your evening in his company.In the cold jargon of marketing, Morrow branded himself brilliantly.

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