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A couple of years ago I went to see a chap who had an example of a rare Maserati I was researching for a book. Jonathan Lamas is a seasoned automotive journalist. The famous car chase features a wild drive through several picturesque parts of San Francisco. It starts off in slow cat-and-mouse style, accompanied by a nerve-tingling Lalo Schifrin score, as Bullitt is tailed by two hit men.

Google Map data - map created for Bullitt Nationals 2006, courtesy Greg Autry/Michael Gullery (see www.imboc.com) for info on the Bullitt Nationals Map part 2 and 3 at the bottom of this page . While I didn't necessarily understand the plot, I was mesmerized by the car chase. Caddie Dealership. Then in an outtake for a following scene, Martin Lawrence struck a concrete barrier when opening the passenger door. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to help show ads that are more relevant to your interests. The only visible identification is the word “Bullitt” in a gunsight graphic in the center of the decklid. By using this site, you agree to the use of cookies by Flickr and our partners as described in our cookie policy. Check it out here. Here’s hoping he finds the time to do […]I’m not up on my American Car models so i’m not sure of the one actually used in the film; but it’s described as a ’67 Shelby Mustang GT 500 not a ’73 as you put in the article. Taking to the streets around SW 1st Ave, Syd (an undercover agent) is pursued by both the Haitians, the Cuban drug smugglers, and the DEA. Reenact it if … Le Mans winner Derek Bell once refused to get in Rich's Morgan Three Wheeler with him at the wheel.

He also did a book no-one bought. Again we are suddenly transported to the quai Louis Bleriot in western Paris and along the banks of the Seine, south of Pont Mirabeau, where Bourne recklessly drives the wrong way down the road. This film sees Randall “Memphis” Raines (Nicholas Cage), a legendary car thief, stealing 50 classic cars in one night in order to save his brother from a vengeful crime boss. The infamous ‘Three Mini’ jump was also filmed here on the roof of the factory. He loses them by hitting the nitrous beneath the Sixth Street Bridge in south LA. I'll have to try to attach some actual clips to that one. The iconic pipe sequence was actually shot in the Birmingham-Coventry Tithebarn main sewer located in Stoke Aldermoor in Coventry. Apparently local shopkeepers around Palazzo Carignano weren’t happy about the streets being cordoned off, so the production team had to pay off the local Mafia, who paid off the shopkeepers! The thirteen minute car chase is the famous centerpiece of the movie. The 2008 Mustang Bullitt recalls the movie car right down to the dark Highland Green paint and lack of exterior badges, scoops, and spoilers.

Currently amongst the detritus in his garage is a Porsche 968 Sport, MK1 MX-5, Sinclair C5 and a vintage Royal Enfield pushbike which he loves.

At least part of it occurs in San Pedro, which is in L.A.!

Bullitt Car Chase GoogleMapped A map detailing the exact route of the legendary Bullitt chase scene. McQueen and his company, Solar Productions, convinced San Francisco’s mayor to open up the city for their chase, allowing them to use the police … I hope to view more amazing insanity from you.Thanks, here's a note that Ray Smith sent me about his researching the route. I hope to view more amazing insanity from you.Thanks, here's a note that Ray Smith sent me about his researching the route.

[…] Rich Duisberg at MotorPunk spent some time recently tracing the paths of a few movie car chases, including the one from the Bourne Identity, above. This is where the missing ‘Blue Danube’ scene was shot, in which the Coopers dance around gracefully with the Italian police cars. Very cool. Bullitt still ranks high among car-chase enthusiasts. Director Michael Bay comments on the DVD that they got through the whole car chase without damaging the Ferrari. After a scrappy chase around an industrial building site, Eleanor makes a spectacular leap over the cop cars on the Vincent Thomas Bridge.
He has also written for Classic & Sportscar, MogMag, Classic Performance and Retro, Banzai, Evo, and Modern Mini. I love it. For a more geographically consistient chase, see "Gone In Sixty Seconds (1974)"Gone in 60 is so incredible. Bullitt - Car Chase Map Utilizing Google's new My Maps tool I created this map of the locations and routes used in the world's greatest car chase.

The final, and most desirable, car on the list is ‘Eleanor’, a 1973 GT500 Mustang.
From the station they rush across the Place Vendôme, before inexplicably arriving in Belleville to the east of Paris. of 1968 and this is how it appears in 2002.

After a speedboat has been completely totalled the chase grinds to an explosive halt next to Fountain Street.

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