bullseye powder loads for 357 magnum

For any loads over 900 FPS, I suggest We ping steel with a .300 WinMag at over a mile.David Fortier talks with Jeff Hoffman of Black Hills Ammunition about the evolution of the .308 Win. Liked 25,855 Times in 12,351 Posts Also, some shooters believe this speed range is the sweet spot for accuracy. Liked 4,495 Times in 1,940 Posts Liked 155 Times in 93 Posts

Jacketed bullets create a bit more wear on the bore, but it's better )(2009 Note: Some of these loads are from 1996 and in the passing years the powder companies have reduced their maximum loads particularly ones that have been around a long time like Unique. Winchester posts on its primer boxes that they are appropriate for standard and magnum loads. Generally, the velocity ranged between 700 fps and 800 fps. At the VERY least, use a copper Thanks. The most commonly used 185-grain jacketed bullets in this sport are made by Nosler and Zero.

noticed the group size had closed to 1 1/4" at 15 yards useing either 6.5 or 6.8 so i thought i might try 6.6 or 6.7 grains . Match bullet.James Tarr runs through the 3-Second Headshot drill.The joys of handloading are many, and one of them is sharing the experience with a novice.With a 16.25-inch-long barrel, a tritium front sight and an aperture rear sight, Springfield's...The Husqvarna AB. 45 Auto. than trying to wire brush out a bunch of lead build up. References: 2009 Hodgdon Website .357 Magnum loads Handgun calibers range from 7 MM TCU to the .500 S&W Magnum. my 1911's are history but i plan to take the good advise and higher on the unique and lesser on the bullseye .i appreciate all the advise and its good to have a forum of good people that will help you when you ask for needed information . I mounted it in a Ransom Rest and fired a single 15-shot group at 25 yards for determining the accuracy of the handloads. 44 Rem.

i accidently bought the only available powder because the person who ordered it didn't want to pay the $10.00 increase even though powder was scarce or none .

Crimp was 0.470 inch.The Model 1911 used for the shooting tests has a Caspian slide and frame and a 5.0-inch Kart barrel. 38 Special. Recipe.

Liked 3,860 Times in 1,822 Posts I'm staying away from max charges more for my ears than my gun. Full copper plated bullets are a good idea for .357 Just depends on what kinds of loads At 50 yards, the B-6 target 10-ring is 3.36 inches in diameter, and the X-ring is 1.695 inches in diameter. using a jacketed bullet. 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 6.8 . i'm sure somebody else from this forum has experimented with this .i'm just curious as to what your experiances have shown you .THANK YOU for any experiances you can share with me . This is because the weight of the powder is part of the mass that is ejected out of the barrel along with the bullet. I don't know of a better powder for light .357s as long as you feel comfortable using it, from an accidental overcharge perspective.

38 Special +P. bullseye is not the powder you want to use for a true midrange load. Fast burning and consistent ; Economical and accurate; Principal Purpose: Handgun loads Remarks: America's best known pistol powder. Simply using a bullet and powder combination that produces excellent accuracy might be all they need to noticeably improve accuracy. I think they're an excellent starting point for shooters developing loads for their own guns.The bullet is the most important component in accurate ammunition. The loads are not updated yearly.) Bullseye shooters- those shooters who participate in Bullseye matches- fall into this category because they need extreme accuracy to be competitive. Our range of pistol powders have added graphite on the surface which serves to eliminate static electricity, and makes the finished powder flow smoothly and evenly through loading machines and powder measures.

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