bump steer kit silverado

I took it to the dealership and they did another alignment and the bump steer disappeared. As far as your steering wheel jerking real quick like that that's not bump steer, you have something else going on there with that front end of course its hard to tell from the video of what kind of road it is without riding in your truck. I DO have a Bilstein steering stabilizer on mine, as they didn't go away until the 16 model year trucks, but I leveled mine and did tires and wheels and alignment all in one shot. !.

I am tossing the BDS steering stabilizer on mine as it's not the same as stock. Steering wheel vibration or customers looking to add steering stabilizer for the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra HD 2500/3500 models. Id rather let you guys give the feedback then me which is sellin the product thanks againA forum community dedicated to GMC and Chevy full size owners and enthusiasts. When I first rotated them It stopped for the most part.

Please follow this diagnostic or repair process thoroughly and complete each step. Bump steer is very common on larger tires as to more leverage on the steering components while hitting bumps or groves in the road.

Real quick bumps can do that but bump steer is say hitting a bump with the left side of the truck and the wheel wants to jerk left and so on.

I've had it aligned twice.

Now kits for … Additional information: The 2500/3500 HD's are specifically built without a Steering Dampener Shock. When I first cranked my keys and added bigger tires, i got a wheel alignment at the tire shop. Maybe that soaks up the wobble..??? It will make you rethink tire choices. As for your wobble, have not experienced that but I do have to take back to dealer as the 2" of play is back. This kit features QA1's premium chromoly steel, heat treated, self-sealing and self-lubricating X series rod ends and an aluminum anodized adjusting sleeve. The following diagnosis might be helpful if the vehicle exhibits the symptom(s) described in this PI.

Not continually but for a couple seconds after hitting a bump.

When I had it cranked with the factory tires on it it drove completely normal.

Worn out, I'm skeptical. Perhaps calling it a shimmy is a better term. Poor geometry I would agree with. When my tires arrived from custom offsets there was a couple weights lying in the bottom of the skid so I believe I have one wheel unbalanced.

Basically whenever the front end hits a bump the steering wheel wobbles back and forth.

Bump steer is very common on larger tires as to more leverage on the steering components while hitting bumps or groves in the road. bump for you manI'm definitely not trying to step on your toes, but I have personally used this kit, and it's not proper geometry by any means, the tierod and LCA will swing on arcs causing nasty toe change throughout movement, much worse in Air ride. Do you think a stablizer would help with this more high speed wobble? Just curious if all the guys in here that are leveled also can't hold on to their wheel and think it's ok.  Because there would be nothing different that way between mine and all the others. He has film on bump steer as well. HD trucks haven't had a steering stabilizer since 2011.

I never drove it leveled without these tires and alignment.

Mine isn't even bad enough to worry about and honestly it's just the bigger rubber causing it for me.

I think it rides better than a stock truck, I just hate the steering feel at this point. I can add that the steering on my 16 never has felt as good as my 02 hd that had a factory stabilizer in fact the 16 has always had a little bumpsteer and some groove tracking too.

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