cabal vs kabal

Some remote viewers have seen The Cabal’s power broken between 2003 and 2006. This Revelation Timeline Decoded Bible page focuses on the narrative that President Trump is using the COVID-19 event, to use the military to take down the cabal, the deep state. Their ever expanding empire spreads through organization, efficiency, and corruption —their occupation of Mars is but a fraction of their full might.

(2) The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, Feb. 2, 2020, at (3) The Illuminati are organized in hierachy and in cells. Some articles and posts on social media claimed that Jews control the world affairs and that the Cabal, or the ruling Elites, is equivalent to Jews.. And in the process, the Far-Far Left now sees Trump as some sort of anti-hero – a rogue and mightily flawed Robin Hood, who somehow will protect the poor, stop the wars, lock up the pedophiles, and miraculously “drain the swamp” in Washington D.C. Here is Judy Byington on April 1:(8) “Adamu Speaks ~ Coronavirus – Part 2 – The Darker Perspective,” (9) “When we get out of this we’re going to have a Global Financial Reset which will have much greater prosperity… there’s literally trillions of dollars that the cabal stole that the Alliance has frozen… and that money will be released.” (David in Kat, “David Wilcock,” ibid.) “Nothing can stop what is coming. The perpetrators will try to keep those going as they need that dense energy for sustenance, but their time is up. Build what is divinely beautiful. This is one of the more secretive families of the Illuminati bloodline. I will help you. Little is known about their genealogy or history, but it’s suspected that they wield enormous power within the Cabal, with extensive connections to New England Satanists, meaning they are key to the Cabal’s Satanic rituals and worship. Trump called “draining the swamp.” As the graphic at the top of the page shows, the military are with Trump and Trump is with the military.This is going to be an historic and tumultuous year apparently. What Has Led Me to Write about this Topic? …“Yes, many are and will continue to leave during these times. That’s where we are at the present time. That’s when our work really begins.“The General was even saying that there were rumors of using this situation for an economic reset of some kind.”The universe seems to be pushing us to be loving and flowing.

I should know so much better.A storm. I don’t believe I just asked that! Well, what all have we heard about events behind the curtain with the cabal?Why don’t we go back to January 2020 and review what has been said – at least, in the sources I’ve had a look at.Matthew Ward warned us on Jan. 9, 2020, in what may now sound like understatement:“You are embarking upon a year of an exciting and occasionally bumpy ride as the light continues exposing pockets of darkness in governments, the economic sector, legal and justice systems, technologies, and corporate structures.“The high vibrations that are the driving force toward peaceful negotiations also are crumbling everything that is based in dark intention. In responsibility, there is no….”  ( (4)The virus is a disguise. “[The cabal are] going to soon discover that their numbers are being decimated by the Corona virus and it’s been decimated because of their dark rituals.” (8) So the virus, invented it seems by the cabal itself, will ultimately take a disproportionately-large number of their members down with it. Kabal was first introduced in Mortal Kombat 3, sporting long black hair, Hookswords, superhuman speed, and a respirator. Those using it – the positive military – are trying to avoid mass panic while they participate in a different discovery – the takedown of the cabal. What we now know is that there will be a shutdown of phone and internet and it’s going to be 3-days.“We’re calling this the 3 days of darkness. That’s how I hear them.At the same time Blossom was channeling, activist Sacha Stone said:“From what I can analyze from my vantage point … and obviously in contact with some sources is that it is a perfect smokescreen for a deep-state detox, is what I would call it. So  you are far more likely to get it, and far more likely to get ill and far more likely to die if you are an adrenochrome user. The long reign of darkness on Earth is ending.” (1)This was followed by the Federation of Light telling Blossom on Feb. 2, 2020:B: Is this to come soon? Everything happening is serving to change the consciousness of the collective and lift mankind to new levels of awareness.” (6)Nonetheless, on March 29, David Wilcock shared information gleaned from several briefings that contained a great deal of pertinent and specific information about the takedown. While the bulk of his findings can't be confirmed, any serious Illuminati watcher has knowledge of it.

He didn’t discuss the military takedown of the cabal. A very necessary and needful process.” (5)On March 22, the Arcturian Group hinted at the magnitude of the changes taking place, mostly from CV19; they may also have been hinting at the cabal takedown as well.

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