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Published 30+ days ago. The Spangled cat has however, has already achieved New Breed and Colour status in America.The California Spangled Cat looks like a miniature Leopard and has a long, low body with their hind legs being shorter than their front ones. Learn more about this breed California Spangled Kittens For Sale & Cats For Adoption California Spangled cats a highly active cat breed that love to play, climb, leap and hunt. Home » Cats » California Spangled Cat » California » Los Angeles County » Los Angeles » Caracal Kitten. In reality, the California Spangled is not a small leopard, but is instead a cross of many breeds, including the American Shorthair, the Abyssinian, and the British Shorthair.Casey was a Hollywood playwright, scriptwriter, physicist and author. They boast a very high prey drive and like to be able to explore the great outdoors. such as a cat gym or climbing post. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. Kittens … $300. California Spangled Cat Cats For Sale | Los Angeles, CA #127875. Have something to say?

Join millions of people using Oodle to find cats and kittens for adoption and sale. In spite of the breed’s popularity, it’s at risk of becoming endangered. The California Spangled Cat is a breed of cat that was bred to resemble spotted wildcats, like the ocelot and leopard. MY CARACAL ARE AVAILABLE FOR SALE AND LOVE TO PLAY LIKE OTHER KITTEN EMAIL ME ON xxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xxx. Eyes are large, almond shaped, and expressive.California Spangled cats get along well with other animals – although not rodents or other "prey" animals as is typical of any cat. … Active: California Spangled cats a highly active cat breed that love to play, climb, leap and hunt. These lovely cats are also gaining the attention of registries which means they may eventually achieve Championship Status in America through TICA and ACA. California Spangled cats are on the larger end of the medium spectrum. This created the original core bloodline, and then each breed was introduced specific to the original blueprint. They form very strong bonds with their families and are better suited to households where at least one person stays at home when everyone else is out so they never spend too much time on their own. They do like animal "buddies" if they are introduced early enough, although they don't mind being king or queen of the castle and the only pet in the household, either.Receive a weekly or monthly email list of new breeders. The California Spangled offers you the thrill of owning a wild-looking leopard but with the personality and physique of an affectionate domesticated house cat. Add widgets to the Sub Footer at Appearance > Widgets This site is served, operated and maintained by Pets4You.com®We use cookies to make our website optimal for you and to continuously improve it. The California spangled cat was intentionally bred to resemble a leopard. such as a cat gym or climbing post. He began by creating an 11-generation blueprint, which included a female Siamese and a spotted silver, long-haired Angora. ... California Spangled Cat, California » Los Angeles. Give them plenty of safe places to climb and explore (away from the valuables!) Yet, despite its wild-looking appearance, the cat is extremely docile—preferring the companionship of family and often seeking attention and affection. Search for dogs for adoption at shelters near California, CA. At first, the breed was very expensive not only because they were so rare, but also because there weren't many kittens available.Today, breeders the world over are trying to promote the breed, but there are still very few cats registered with the CSCA which numbers around 200 or so throughout the world. Most people have heard of the Bengal cat which over recent years has become a popular companion and family pet all over the world. Perhaps in part because of this controversy, the California Spangled became a breed in high demand, and while it helped Casey with his conservation message, it depleted his stock completely.Today, breeders are trying to make the California Spangled more popular, but only about 200 of these cats exist at present; you'll have difficulty finding the California Spangled if you want one.

They also get on well with dogs they have grown up with, but care should be taken when a California Spangled Cat is around smaller animals and pets because of their high prey drive.Do you like this article? Lots of people choose dogs over cats for the simple reason that … Charted to we..Five Answers To Questions Often Asked By Cat Owners..Do not make any payments through Western Union, MoneyGram, or similar services. They love jumping in high places and are skilled hunters. California Spangled Cats: With a resemblance to an ocelot or a leopard, the California Spangled cats are a domestic breed that despite their wild appearance, are actually friendly, tame, affectionate and intelligent. Ad ID 127875. For the most part, members of the breed can range between 8 lbs. Thank you for visiting the “California Spangled Kittens for Sale in the USA” page of Local Kittens For Sale! ..They are 6 months old..free to good home contact me for more(xxx)xxx-xxxx..I would like to understand why I cant get them to help me find this kitten a good home th..he hairless Peterbald cat is a very young breed, with the first examples of the Peterbald..6 week old Miniature Huskies...A.K.A. Unfort..Five Answers To Questions Often Asked By Cat Owners..Do not make any payments through Western Union, MoneyGram, or similar services.

Once this payment leaves your hands, there is no recourse for recovery or refund.When you contact, don't forget to mention that you found this ad on Petzlover. Join millions of people using Oodle to find kittens for adoption, cat and kitten listings, and other pets adoption. Spots should be well defined and may be rounded, square, oval or triangular but not crescent or eyelet shaped.

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