can blood parrots live alone

In fact, this hybrid species originates from Taiwan and can share a tank with other Asian fish, like kuhli loaches (Pangio kuhlii), danios (genus Danio), gouramis (family Osphronemidae) and glass catfish (Kryptopterus bicirrhis).Because blood parrots resulted from the crossbreeding of New World cichlids, North and Central American cichlids are the closest to blood parrots as far as native habitat. They get as large as an apple.I have 3 parrot ciclids about 3.5 inches long living with 2 fully grown ropefish, 2 glass catfish, a black ghost knifefish about 7 inches long, an albino corydoras catfish, and a blue (aka three spot) gourami about 4.5 inches long. It is a bow front so it is a little wider. Conversely, large, highly aggressive cichlids will try to eat your blood parrot and should also not be housed with it. I know this is too small but they were a friend's and she had them in an even smaller tank.

Most plecos spend their days eating algae on rocks and glass, not bothering anybody. Specifically African river cichlids do well with blood parrots.

The most common reason for obstruction to the heart’s blood vessels is from atherosclerosis, which is a buildup of plaques inside the blood vessels. The flowerhorn is another cichlid hybrid, bred from various New World cichlids, which can be kept in the same tank with blood parrots. Cichlids can choose a mate not only from their kind, but also from completely different cichlid genus.

So I went ahead, caught him and put him in the 55g so there is more horizontal room for them to establish territories--although when all 7 of them were in the 47g vertical they all got along fine.

You should treat the Blood Parrot Cichlid as a Central American Cichlid …

A blood-parrot-only tank tends to work well because the fish are not overly aggressive and unable to injure one another.In general, all New World cichlids enjoy the same water parameters.

Bottom feeders – Many bottom feeders are fish that can live well with blood parrots.

Thanks in advance, -Andy

Just make sure to get fish that are peaceful, fast, and are in no way a threat to your blood parrot. It can also be a sign that your parrot is unhappy or bored.

If I'm going to add tank mates they will probably be a peaceful school of corydoras or a pleco. Not all hybrids turn out to be a success.

If you notice that they only scream when you leave the room, it could be a cry for attention. They are both about 2 inches. Keep the water conditions excellent and feed them premium foods, and they'll most likely live for many years. It’s a hit or miss in this situation. She graduated from Elizabethtown College with a Bachelor of Arts in English. The blood parrot can’t possibly harm the snail. If you see any aggression being done, simply separate the fish.The most common snail being sold in pet stores today is the apple snail. If you want to try it, you will have to monitor the fish very carefully for a while.Plecos make good tank mates for blood parrots because of their size and calmness. Find out how often you can donate blood and answers to more frequently asked questions about the blood donation process with American Red Cross blood services. I know this is too small but they were a friend's and she had them in an even smaller tank. Well with other fish but only parrot and its doing great...pretty funny to watch too... i bought him one a year ago before looking into the species at all ....kinda regret it..he's or it's an **** 24/7....but i love it too...lol

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