can galvanized pipe be used for propane

Copper offers a relatively inexpensive material for service line composition. Steel and wrought-iron pipe shall“It’s a misconception that galvanized is prohibited for natural gas.”…… The customer’s fuel line is the pipe that connectsIs galvanized prohibited anywhere else by your utility? Plumbers tend to use black pipe with gas for two main reasons.

At an inspection the other day, I noticed a galvanized elbow installed between 2 straight runs of black iron gas pipe. Sometimes you have to join the two together while doing a repair. I guess we will have these pipes installed in our dream home to ensure that we will have heating working well in the long run. it will help!Still have questions? Or just the fuel line?It’s not prohibited with water lines, if that’s what you mean.Not sure if it still is with All of the fuel line. 2. black pipe is cheaper 3. using different pipe for gas makes sure gas pipe won't be used for water lines. Answer Save. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Which one do you want to put the safety of your family on?No, But i did try and many times to eat soup with a spoon, especially if a soup is thick (you can thicken the soup effectively by adding some flour).

Get your answers by asking now.Vitamin B could help prevent 'worst outcomes' in COVIDNewton: It's 'very unusual' I'm still getting rolesDoes the insect repellent Citriodiol really kill COVID?Sen. Pipe and fittings join with primer and solvent cement or push-to-connect fittings. Underground there are specific metal pipes which can be used. A 16" main consisting of 3/4" galvanized pipe will enter through my masonry block. It is no longer prohibited from being used for natural gas. In the old days, sometimes after a long time. Brass ball valves will be used at various points along the pipe (at main and at each present appliance and for future applications, as stated above) My questions are: 1. I just researched now because my husband and I are near our goal regarding the money we need to have our dream house constructed.Your go-to source for plumbing articles and education, safety information, history, and more Running black iron pipe for propane use might seem like a daunting task, and you will pay a professional dearly to get the job done. Relevance. research at google and yahoo. 1 decade ago. CPVC pipes can be used for copper pipe replacement in residential plumbing. Yet a plumber friend claims the mix is ok. Jim Feig jr. PEX Pipe This was generally due to the poor quality of galvanizing. Mixing galvanized and iron pipe for natural gas lines.

that galvanized steel pipe is a no-no for propane. Caretaker. As for water line use, I do not know of any plumber that would use any kind of steel pipe for water, when pex, pvc, cpvc or copper is better.Thanks for pointing out that plumbers usually use black pipe because it costs less, and they are perfect when gas is going to pass through it.

Most gas no longer has that problem.

If anyone is going to do this, I suggest air testing (as described in a previous post) and pump it up to say 50 psi for 15 minutes. It is no longer prohibited from being used for natural gas. Today there exists flexible stainless steel gas pipe and it always yellow (that I’ve ever seen) so painting piping that is for gas yellow seems like a good idea. Re: Propane questions I am not a gas professional, just a home user of propane.

Can I use galvanized pipe to run a line from my propane tank to stove/refrig on my boat? You will not be allowed to use unwrapped black pipe in most jurisdictions. Or just the fuel line?Is galvanized prohibited anywhere else by your utility? One is that it costs less than galvanized (except I’ve seen some home centers charging more for black which must be because of consumers lack of knowledge of “cost”). You can take the time to ask a professional not just of the pipe but the fittings you intend to use. 4 Answers. Only black iron pipe will be used on the inside (1/2" legs to the stove and dryer). Galvanized has had the reputation for clogging orifices, though I personally have not encountered this in 36 years in construction. The painting process is actually very straightforward, because the surface of galvanized steel is relatively smooth and consistent. Author: hj (AZ) The original reason was that the gas composition caused the galvanizing to flake off and plug the orifices. You can take the time to ask a professional not just of the pipe but the fittings you intend to use. Copper has the ability to be formed in long service line coils. Can I use galvanized pipe to run a line from my propane tank to stove/refrig on my boat? It used to be, at least by local AHJ.But I believe the fuel mixture has changed, so maybe have the restrictions.I rarely see galvanized on fuel lines, unless it’s a nipple, elbow, etc.As Joe Funderburk mentioned (which is the same requirement as 2013 California Plumbing Code, Fuel Gas Piping 1208.5.2.2), galvanized pipe may be used for natural gas piping.2009 IRC G2414.4.2 (403.4.2) Steel. I have heard three different reasons why black pipe should be used instead of galvanized: 1. galvanized pipe produces flakes that jam gas orifices. or you can take my word for god knows what.

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