can gerbils eat peanut butter

The good news is that provided the peanut butter does not contain xylitol, the type of peanut butter does not matter.

The excessive fat and oils may also upset their tummy if … It is far too sweet for them. Besides leading to indigestion, diarrhea, gas, and painful bloating, peanuts can cause a condition called GI stasis, which can be deadly. An animal lover, she has owned everything from dogs to tarantulas and animals of all sizes in between and loves to write about them. Foods with a lot of sugar in them are not good for gerbils as their bodies do not have the ability to deal with excess sugar like we do. There is a tremendous amount of misinformation about peanut butter and gerbils on the internet. No. © 2020 onlinegerbilcare.com - All rights reserved. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon.This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Peanuts are a good source of Vitamin E and Vitamin C which are both antioxidants. It is a popular product eaten in many countries around the world.No they can’t unfortunately. Gerbils should not eat peanut butter. There are lots of other healthy, natural vegetables, fruits, and herbs rabbits enjoy.For now, why not try treating your rabbit to a little slice of cucumber or one of the other veggies on this list? stasis.Healthy food is just the beginning. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Another food product that many hamster owners try to feed their hamster is peanut butter, but is this safe for your hamster to eat?Hamsters usually love the taste of peanut butter and the consensus is that a small amount of peanut butter will not do your hamster harm. And can they eat peanut butter? I tend to only give them things from their food to be on the safe side. The peanut butter is, after all, primarily pureed and crushed nuts with added oil to make it creamy. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience.This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Don’t worry – you don’t have to brush your rabbit’s teeth. Yes - peanut butter can make your guinea pig very sick, as it isn't digestible. In small amounts peanut butter can be okay for hedgehogs to eat but you need to be careful as there are some possible health concerns when feeding this food to your hedgehog. However, this comes with a word of warning. So peanut butter is a food that is best avoided as a food for gerbils. Gerbils eat gerbil food that you can get in pet stores. :D x yes, they love nuts, especially ones that are still in their shells, because Peanut butter has an exceptionally high-fat content, so hamsters should not eat this too often.There are both pros and cons to the nutritional values of peanut butter as some aspects of this food can cause harm while other elements are beneficial. Nutritional Values of Peanut Butter? It can potentially cause them harm. It is so cute to feel their little tongues lick it right off my finger:) You could also give your gerbil some cerery with a little peanut butter on it. They’ll be happy – and safe!Aren’t you glad you took a moment to check into peanuts for rabbits?No – peanuts can give your rabbit a serious case of indigestion. then put seeds all over it. The best option for hamsters is the unsweetened plain type since this contains nothing more than peanuts. Peanut butter is a spread that is made from peanuts and added sugar amongst other things. Most hamster owners like to give their pet an occasional treat. Since your rabbit’s teeth are always growing, these items are essential for preventing overgrowth.There’s no reason to risk your rabbit’s health by feeding them peanuts or peanut butter.Believe it or not, the items on this list are just the tip of the iceberg!

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