can oregano oil kill viruses

These compounds have a strong antibacterial and antifungal effect. The essential oil of wild oregano has long been known as a traditional remedy for fending off colds, flu and other infectious conditions. This plant eucalyptus  is an amazing antiviral and decongestant so its function is to help in fighting the cold while also eliminating congestion and reducing the inflammation. It inhibits the growth of seven tested bacterial strains and is more potent than other plant extracts. The Greeks were the first to discover the effects of oregano oil and the first to use this oil for medicinal purposes.

We are young publishers providing you the latest lifestyle news.In our society, we are getting sicker and sicker every day. This herb is full of nutrients and also with vitamins.Ladies, Never Ignore These 7 Warning Symptoms Of Cervical CancerEvery night before you go to bed, drink this mixture: you will remove everything you have eaten during the day because this recipe melts fat for full 8 hours Oregano is a plant with very strong healing properties.

Wild oregano oil (p73) is the key alternative. It destroys microorganisms, even drug-resistant ones.Oregano oil can destroy at least several types of bacteria. Copyright © 2020 Aromavita - F.N. Oregano oil contains Rosmarinic acid that can prevent cancer, says Dr. K.A. The oil is extracted from carvacrol, and the leaves contain phenols, ursolic acid, triterpenes, rosmarinic acid, and oleanolic acid.Carvacrol is a phenol with a wide spectrum of action, ranging from the elimination of pathogenic fungi, yeast, and bacteria. Oregano oil has actually been scientifically proven to be effective against even antibiotic-resistant pathogens.

Oregano essential oil has been proven scientifically to kill bacteria, viruses, fungal infections, and parasites, including giardia, an amoebic infection. But the devil's in the details. What I like is to put it in capsules and swallow because I do not care for the potent taste.

They say consuming medicinal herbs such as amla, giloy, shilajit, tulsi, shilajit, ashwagandha and neem can help strengthen your immune system.

Herpes is a long-lasting and foreboding virus that can lurk within the system sometimes for many years before making itself known. Internet herb stores claim that swallowing oregano oil can cure your cold or flu. Oregano It is a very useful antiviral and antioxidant, so it is recommended that you take one to two drops of oregano oil and more, you can mix it in a glass of water or juice. It is effective against E. Coli and Listeria, which means that it can be used to promote the health of the gastrointestinal tract and prevent fatal food poisoning.Oregano can replace the synthetic chemicals that we use today. Modern research methods have shown that compounds within oregano oil can block many human germs including Influenza Virus A. The compounds naringin and luteolin are also found in oregano oil. In fact, even the father of medicine Hippocrates used oregano oil as an antibacterial agent.Oregano essential oil contains carvacrol and thymol. And because of the fact that viruses do not have that stuff inside of them the antibiotic has nothing to attack.While on the other hand, all of us know of some plants and herbs that can attack viruses and bacteria.In case you cannot stand to eat it, get the odorless capsules and eat it like candy, and for viral infections on the skin you can pulp raw garlic and wrap it in a gauze.This one has an active compound called cineole, which a common ingredient found as a compound of cough syrups. Being into a combination with the antioxidant properties of the peppermint and potent antihistamine, menthol becomes some powerful decongestant.Even more than twenty five  triterpenoids and three hundred flavonoids have been isolated from licorice, and many recent researches have shown that these metabolities possess many pharmacological properties, such as antiviral, anti inflammatory, antitumor, antimicrobial and so on.This herb is also a yet another ancient remedy that has been used in order to treat respiratory tract and bacterial infections like pneumonia.It is a very useful antiviral and antioxidant, so it is recommended that you take one to two drops of oregano oil and more, you can mix it in a glass of water or juice. It would be very good that you get the eucalyptus essential oil and put it in a diffuser in order to make it airborne for treating your respiratory problems.This one has similar features that the eucalyptus has and it uses the vapors to treat sinusitis and lung illnesses.This one in itself contains menthol which is an ingredient that can relax the muscles of the respiratory tract so it makes the breathing easier. It inhibits the growth of seven tested bacterial strains and is more potent than other plant extracts. It contains many antioxidants that protect the body from free radical influence and valuably stimulate the immune system. They mainly used it to eliminate inflammation and pain, since it acts as a powerful antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral drug. These flavonoids have been found to kill cancer cells and make these cells more responsive to … Yet, for the typically immunized conditions only a modest amount is necessary, for instance, for chicken pox, measles, and … Ecopharm Hellas Ltd | If it is from a truly wild source, then, it can be taken aggressively: as much as needed. Moreover, add severe adverse drug reactions and side effects, we are making the problem even worse than it already is.And for sure, the path we are going is not a very good one.What the real issue is that antibiotics will not and can not kill the viruses, only the bacteria which means that the antibiotics can not destroy viruses because they only target the structures that are being found in the bacteria.
On Facebook, a post titled "Oregano Oil Proves Effective Against Coronavirus," which linked to a 10-year-old article, was shared at least 2,000 times across multiple Facebook groups by Monday, despite statements from researchers that oregano cannot cure the virus, according to Romm. The most important benefits of oregano oil: Oregano oil acts as an alternative medical drug capable to kill … Oregano oil can be used as a natural remedy for herpes!

Scheckel in the November 2008 “Journal of Nutrition." Oregano can replace the synthetic chemicals that we use today. What I like is to put it in capsules and swallow because I do not care for the potent taste.

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