can you power wash a fiberglass pool

In that case, you’ll want to adjust to an algae specific cleaner and even changing up your attachments to something powerful and targeted for those areas. Also use phosphate remover annually, and keep your chlorine level a bit higher, and run your filter a bit longer each day. You can try to redissolve it with the 2 gallons of acid, aka no drain acid wash, with brushing and it will likely dissolve the crystalline nodules. Use a smaller nozzle/spray pattern or increase the pressure to help get the rest off. Why not brighten up your deck now that your pool is spotless? By wetshoes1 in forum Pool Startup, Shutdown, & Winter Operation Do not put this mixture into your pressure washer! Here are the complete steps to remove algae from your pool for good:First, you have to wash the pool as we outlined above.

However, if these are not strong enough, Atlantic Pool and Spa have several cleaning solutions to get the job done.Scrubbing rust stains with a chlorine tablet can often remove the stain effectively. It could be something in the water, in the pool, or blowing in on the wind, it could be a chemical reaction sometimes.I’m currently on day 2 and am seeing progress. In fact, even if it does go away, algae tends to come back. You could test a small area, using dry acid (pH decreaser), on the surface to see if the stain removes… if so, it could be a winner to do the entire pool.Is this process ok to use on a pebbletec surface that has sat swampy for many years in Florida, or better to drain and do the acid wash?Hi Kelly, if it has been several years, it’s definitely best to drain and acid wash. No Drain is used in areas of water restriction, or areas of very high water table, or homes with a small and shallow well.Hi, my pool was diamond brite about 7 weeks ago the co who did came out a week ago and said I should no drain acid wash it. Steps To Pressure Washing Your Pool. This also includes nearby lighting fixtures, power outlets, pool heaters, lights, and anything else electrical. Do you risk dislodging grout, peeling back caulk, and even cracking tile? Once this is all done your pool is ready for a pressure wash. All you need to do next is prepare your cleaner soap and your machine. You should avoid cleaning a damaged pool. Finally, shock the pool regularly, every 2-4 weeks.After removing our mesh cover in a warmer than usual Maryland winter, we have green all over the concrete pool surface – darkest on steps and lighter all through the sides and bottom. This chemical can irritate your skin and eyes so it is important to use gloves, eye protection, and be sure the fumes can ventilate safely. So far, we’ve covered how to pressure wash inground pools, pool coping, and pool decks. Animal would be any organic stain from animals (worms, bugs, algae) or leaves, dirt, berries, and metal stains come from the water, usually iron or copper. We now have terrible calcium and staining problems.
Adding a new layer of sealant now will help the concrete remain cleaner for longer. Pool looks good to me except sloppy job getting on the glass tiles.should I do it or is it to soon?Hi Shane, The process is normally done for stain removal, or could help dissolve calcium nodules or calcium deposits, if they exist (is the surface rough? The pool should be empty when you start, and the other surfaces should have been cleaned first. Should I happen to lose grout, it is simple to re-grout.

Is there a way to figure that out.
Use the pressure washer on a low setting, especially at first.

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