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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Now do it 10-12 times in a row.

On the test, you'll want to be able to elucidate multiple possible courses of action, and you'll be better able to identify them if you have read through similar scenarios.Second, the CASPer is a test, and like all tests, there is a technique to taking it.

With all the uncertainty regarding the exam right now, I’m more than happy to answer any questions regarding how I prepared for the test… I went on that site by accident before finding the real one, and I probably copied the wrong one! You can check my post history for additional advice. Fuck that test.I’ll add, you might check and see if your institution has special training for human subjects research that you can enroll in.

Odds are we could use the practice. And then the grades are added up and they do whatever with their formula to assess you.

Should I take it today or just reschedule it to next month?

Then I found out 4 more are doing it this year smfhDid anyone else say they wouldn't let Ricky play on the sports team because it would endanger the chances of winning a championship?I said they should put him on so he feels included but let him ride the bench. But honestly, the videos are so short IMHO I think taking notes won't help youHey so I skimmed through this webinar that explains the process and a bunch more that you don't was to listen to.The grading is done regionally. Quillen College of Medicine (East Tennessee State University)12.) I'm still looking into prep myself but so far I found this free CASPer prep guide on google It's not really something you study for, it's a personality test. I am comfortable answering ethical questions conservatively but feel like I can't answer them in a way that will make me stand out among other applicants.

But who among us can risk being labeled a sociopath by this exam? and choose your answer based on that.My favorite piece of advice from the poster I linked above is PPRDJ, which stands for "problem, perspective, responsibility, decide, justify". Do we even get our grades? Did anyone else feel it was difficult to apply the problem, perspective, responsibility, descision, justify answer template? Top 15 CASPer Test Prep Tips on How to Prepare for & Ace Your CASPer Test They Don't Want You to Know.

Can you add it even if you've already taken it?

Just sign up for the earliest time you're available.There are several helpful posts on this subreddit about it, but I personally liked Aight, so now this is anecdotal advice, but here's what I did.After signing up and making sure that I was on time/paid for it/all the technical requirements were met, I began prepping.Because I have no friends IRL/like to argue on the internet/grew up on AIM I have the typing speed of ~100 wpm. Any tips on preparation?Probably not applying to NYMC but yes to Rutgers and the Canadian schools that use it.

For instance, if you apply to 3 CASPER schools, it will cost you (base test fee)+(school fee) = $12 + ($12*3) = $48.I have scoured the dark depths of the internet to no avail. I have no idea. Learn how to confront authority figures who are not open to criticism, how to resolve a fight between friends, etc.I found MMI questions to be very helpful, my friend and I asked them for each other and listened to each other's response and gave feedback.Ask yourself "What would a boy scout do?"

JavaScript is disabled. Please join us in our suffering, some schools won't look at your secondaries until you have it.This section is more of my personal advice than anything I've really, really seen. I have one question: do you have 5 minutes to read the prompt and answer questions or do you have the entire time to answer a particular questions.I've been breaking into hospitals and going into patient rooms to seek out ethical dilemmas first-hand. i have to copy and paste it but casper won't allow that. As I've mentioned in older posts anyone who says you can't prepare for this exam is full of shit, you absolutely can. Meaning that the grader will only get to read one of your answers. Either way, just do well on it.A CASPER score is only valid for one application cycle, so don't forget to retake it if you are a reapplicant.Lo siento but you still need to shell out the dinero and do it.

It's NUTS i tell ya.CASPer totally slipped my mind while I was adding schools to my application. Seriously don't stress out about it.

It's scary to think I could get fucked over on a 1/3 of my applications because of this bullshit. Hi All, Soooo now that i got into medical school I really wanted to give back to the premed 101 community and share some of my experience with other people on this forum. Edit: Also my own personal advice is to just relax and display responsible decision-making in all your answers. 7/21/19 Update: Boston University (optional this year)Note: This list is made by comments and hearsay, I have not checked DO schools myself so please look into it if you plan on applying DO as well.A computer with a web-cam/camera that can run CASPER (see full technical requirements on the CASPER website, you can also check if your computer can run it there)Casper is $12 to take it, and $12 each to send it to each school. It's on the spot ethical dilemmas and there really isn't a correct answer.
First, the CASPer is not a "personality test." If you want to ace your CASPer exam for Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Teachers Education School & Other Programs, this is for you. Altus Assessments will ask all CASPer test takers to complete Snapshot this admissions cycle (2020-2021). Always be understanding in your responses.Um. Additionally, this year I didn't bother studying at all.10000% agree.

lol the most you need is to be able to type fast and be familiar with ethics, using free websites like washington university's. My best advice is practice typing fast and constructing well structured responses on the fly. And can you report back to us on the findings so I can update this lolWait. It's an idiot test… This is the 2018-2019 MD school cycle list that requires it.

Before secondaries were sent out, only 1 of my schools required it. Still, it is really not long enough. Which, of course, you never find out what they come up with.damn this is commitment.

To help you prepare for the CASPer® Test (such as for McMaster, uOttawa, NYMC, Rutgers), we have provided sample CASPer® Questions (Scenario-Based Modules) and Exercises (Self-Descriptive Questions) to help you get started.

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