chameleon dying of old age

Mine is dying right now I believe of old age. Things to look for are broken bones, joints seem out of place, mouth not closing correctly, loss of appetite, muscle spasms, and swollen limbs.Metabolic Bone Disease is something that can be prevented easily. I did not know chameleons only live to be 5 years old. You’ll want to make sure the disease haven’t cause bone damage or other bodily damage to the chameleon. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. They turn white and lethargic before they die. The urates are the white part of its poop.The color of the urates will tell you how dehydrated they are. Females measure 8 to 12 inches long, including their tails, and males are 12 to 19 inches long. Mine is dying right now I believe of old age. Sorry to hear that but, You believed they live to be 100 yrs old? For a chameleon to be healthy, they require at least 12 hours of UVB lights each day which is needed to process the calcium in their body.When a chameleon is suffering from Metabolic Bone Disease, there will be signs that you should look for. In captivity, providing them with a well-balanced diet and stress-free environment, they can live much longer than that. Females five sorry you have to deal with his/her passing. This can be many things and it’s best to slowly investigate each possible cause carefully.Another simple reason could be the location they are at. The guy at the pet store told me they live to be a hundred. To accommodate an aging arboreal lizard (iguana, basilisk, water dragon, etc., but not a true chameleon), provide it with an elevated basking area of easier access. What do I o - Answered by a verified Reptile Expert. These places are usually hygienic and clean. Besides caring for reptiles, he enjoys woodworking, playing basketball, and spending free time with my 4 wonderful kids.This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. I did not know chameleons only live to be 5 years old. I hope it turns out the best for your cham.The good thing is that he lived a very long life under your great care. Try moving them back to their old location and see if their stress level decreases.If you still can’t figure out what’s causing them stress, make an appointment with your reptile veterinarian to see what’s causing it. Estimate a juvenile chameleon's age using his size as a gauge. If you notice they are moving awkwardly or look like they are in a lot of pain, an option available is to have the reptile veterinary euthanize them.As you can see from above, chameleons can die from many reasons. Instead of listing every possible cause, we’ll just go over those that commonly affect chameleon, particularly those in captivity.Below are the 5 main reasons why your pet chameleons are dying:Dehydration is the main cause of death among chameleons in captivity. Handling - I handle him about 4 times a week, depending on his mood. They continue gaining weight until they're 2 years old. This provides a quick solution to rehydrate your pet chameleon.Besides dehydration, stress is another common cause of death in chameleons.When a chameleon is stressed, their stress hormones will elevate to help deal with the situation. I don't have the heart to buy another one if he's only going to live five years. Do you own a chameleon and noticed their behavior is strange lately? One of my favorite places to buy feeder insects is at CBReptiles. As the chameleons move around the cage, they will get infected with the parasites.Signs of parasites on your chameleon include diarrhea, emaciation, constipation, a swollen belly, loss of appetite, weakness, and hiding.It’s important to find the source of the parasites so you can prevent it from occurring again.If you’ve bought a wild-caught chameleon, extra precautions are needed to prevent the parasites from multiplying which will lead to an infestation. If the urates are yellow in color, it means they are dehydrated and need to drink more water. It could be from the food they eat to a bad genetic. For most pet owners, it could be a scary thought not knowing what’s wrong with them. To test the bulb, follow the instructions below:When your pet chameleons get older, their body will start to weaken and become ill often. If you catch wild-caught insects, it may contain parasites and could infect your chameleon when they consume it.Their environment is another source where they could get parasites from. If he seems to be having a rough time the vet could end his suffering. They turn white and lethargic before they die. If the color is orange, it means the chameleon is seriously dehydrated and may need medical attention.When they suffer from dehydration, there are signs to look for.

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