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The photographs and/or drawings in this document are for illustrative purposes only. When your worksite is up off the ground, you need the right aerial lift to get the task done right and to keep your team safe.Boom lifts are designed to carry one or more workers with their tools and materials up, over, and into their working environment. It can carry a massive 3,000 pounds of gear and 1,000 pounds of personnel and equipment to a 46-foot working height. How will the right boom lift help you, and how do you choose the proper machine?The Haulotte Group is the third largest maker of aerial work platforms in the world. Please try again.

The Linamar Corporation of Guelph, Ontario, purchased the company in 2002 and then added Carelift’s ZoomBoom brand in 2007. You also might be traveling over delicate tile or soft ground. It is up to you, the operator, to ensure your own safety. By the end of his career, John owned over 60 patents.As boom lifts became a ubiquitous part of construction, they gained the personalized touches workers needed. Dual fuel offers more options and a good efficiency/power balance.That depends on your environment.

Inside wires are color-coded and numbered for easy troubleshooting and repair. This 185-foot monster became the world’s largest boom lift, able to access over 3 million cubic feet. Store #HD1124*Delivery & Pickup Available for Large Equipment Rentals 7 Days a Week.

Twenty years later it was acquired by General Motors. In a wide-open job site, this may not be an issue. Product specifications and prices are subject to change without notice or obligation. You’ll see them consistently at outdoor sports games. The makes/models shown are examples only and equipment delivered may differ. When you are safely inside the bucket of a boom lift safely positioned, falling will not be an issue.Secure all your tools and be especially careful not to dislodge or lose control of materials you are working on. They are split into two major classes: telescopic and articulating:You have multiple choices for power sources: diesel, gas, electric, and hybrid power.

It provides equipment for airports, chemical plants, shipyards, construction, convention centers, and the military. The group was formed in 1995 by the merger of Pinguely and Haulotte. Pioneers like Ted Thornton-Trump and John L. Grove greatly improved safety and efficiency for workers around the world.

This documentation is secondary to the manufacturer’s instructions provided to you within the operations manual located on each machine. For workers at the end of a long boom, those forces are magnified. It added crawlers, scrapers, and front-end loaders to its lineup.

Minimum 1-day rental. Their mechanical axles and differentials are solid and basic with few fancy parts to fail or trip up a technician. Refer to the appropriate Operator’s Manual for instructions on the proper use of this equipment. The company’s headquarters are in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania. Corporate Office Address: If you move the bucket against a wall or other object, your arm or body could be crushed.Although modern design has developed tremendously stable boom lifts, they’re only as safe as the operators and the ground they rest upon. A single-mast telescopic boom lift will allow you to stretch up to a high position. So what job do you need to be done? There was a problem while loading product filters on this page.Please wait while we load filters for all of our rental equipment.We could not find any filters for the products on this page.Please enable Javascript in order to use product filters.From a hammer to a TIG welder, you need the right tool for the job. Compactors; Cutting and Concrete; Drills and Hammers; Fastening and Welding; Floor care and Sanding; Generators; Lawn and Garden; Painting and Decorating; Plumbing and Pumps ; Scaffolding; Other; Helpful Links. Pinguely was born in Lyon, France, in 1881 as a manufacturer of steam locomotives. Since building and selling its first boom lift in 1970, it has expanded into scissor lifts, telehandlers, and drop-deck trailers. There are also some who offer hourly and half day rates, but they don’t quite come often. User interfaces are clear with intuitive controls. The Home Depot® Rental provides large equipment, tools, trucks and trailers at more than 1,100 convenient locations. In 1969, John and Paul Shockey founded Condor Industries to build cherry-picker-style lifts, primarily for the aircraft industry.

A famous early use of an aerial lift in a movie was the scene in Specially adapted aerial lifts have been used by firefighters almost as long as orchard workers have used them to expedite harvest work. Non-electrical workers can overlook the danger, especially when doing non-electrical work.

They also make excellent camera platforms. Wide flotation tires offer the best traction in sandy or muddy conditions. The When you have big work to do but a narrow entrance, choose the With so many models to choose from, reviewing every one here would be impossible. Irvine, CA 92614 More workers are injured or worse in scaffolding-related accidents or by falling from ladders.When you understand the hazards involved with working around a boom lift, you’ll be much more likely to stay safe. Delivery & Pickup* How do you complete the training?If you had to work up off the ground early last century, you had two choices: a ladder or scaffolding. His largest was a truck-mounted unit that could reach the top of a 12-story building.John L. Grove utilized Thorn-Trump’s ideas and expanded them further. English It is now owned by the Tanfield Group, working together with UpRight and Aerial Access to supply lifts to Australia, New Zealand, North America, and South America.Platform Basket is a British company specializing in lightweight self-powered spider-type atrium lifts. It never puts out a product that is not rock solid and industry ready. Both could be unstable on uneven ground or when hastily erected.

Keep your limbs inside the safety railings. Operators love their precise controls, agile handling, and soft touch even with their largest machines.

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