chiappa firearms reputation

Originally designed as a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon), the CBR-9 Black Rhino is an original project, with original solutions behind and several patents pending contributing to make it new and different.This semiautomatic pistol adopts an improved and efficient blowback system, with a bolt that is half the weight of competitors’ products. Internet You trimmed clutter by selling your Ruger only to turn around and replace it with a clone?I have the Ruger convertible. Great example of great quality at an affordable,but not cheap, priceI’m sure that’s what you were looking for with this gun and I certainly can’t fault you for trying. His comment name is “AR”.My Ruger Single Six convertible was made in 1971. And the magazine will work with any kind of 9mm ammunition. Copyright © 1997-2020, Ripoff Report. It cost more than the chiappa or heritage, probably more than both together, but that’s cause it’s worth it.See the Heritage Rough Rider review remarks, he sold the Single Six the finance a CZ75 and then bought this at Bud’s. You’re paying for a name, not increased functionality and that’s just stupid.As for Ruger, I own a few of their offerings, Single Six included and I like them enough that I have one of their T-shirts.With 1911s, for example, you can go low brow (made in the Phillipines), middle brow (Para, Ruger), or highbrow (wasting money on a Dan Wesson carved from a meteorite).It’s a win/win with Ruger–high performance at an affordable $But, but when I fire my Dan Wesson (I don’t actually own one btw) Jesus gets a hardon and if do have to kill someone with it they’ll be super impressed with what gun I used to do it!

45427 Internet Sorry if turned out to be cheap and not just inexpensive.You people keep reaming me for being a highbrow snob when I tell you that quality guns are going to cost you money. I know lots of people who say “Well, when your life’s on the line would you rather pay the 3K or die?” as if that’s some sort of argument.

As an example, the ~$75 Mossberg 185 bolt action shotgun sitting in my safe would likely have little disadvantage to a shotgun costing many times more in taking a deer save sighting, and my S&W 66es would likely have little disadvantage over say a Korth once again worth many times more.In this case price was the value rather than the function.I got disgusted with everything that I had that was not a Ruger & got rid of them–Rugers always work & work very well–getting rid of a Single Six to ‘cull the herd’ ???? The Heritage Rough Riders have gotten so much better over time; this POS should be banned from our shores, as should anything Chiappa. This Motel 6 is a dumpster fire waiting to happen…or already burning in your pistol safe.I have been intrigued by some of Chiappa’s “outside the box” offerings: Rhino, Little Badger, Double Badger, a triple barreled shotgun, so taking a chance with a Ben Franklin and a Ulysses Grant, I figured I’d have something for pest control and plinking. You hurl your invective and ire at me, instead of towards the people actually at fault for turning your currency into bum-wipe. People a fucking retarded”. Thanks to its original design, all mechanical components are placed in the upper receiver, while the lower receiver is just the grip, the polymer frame of the pistol. Just like a Peacemaker. Wondering if a report is missing? You had what you claim you want – right there, in your gunsafe.

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