colt king cobra vs python

Its simply too bloody expensive for what you get.
I just sold a set of matching serial # Custom Cobra's. Other revolvers slithering up from the pit were the Diamondback (1966–1988), the Viper (1977), the Boa (1985), and the Anaconda (1990–1999).Colt is to be commended for reaching into the past and bringing back the Cobra and King Cobra. Anyway, I too like Colt handguns. My wife has a considerably smaller hand than mine, and she also liked the grip. I wanted this to be my best gun, I wanted to love this gun. But you always watched him while he was working.

Holsters need to be leather with some carving, basketweave is a good old school look. – The Colt Officer Target pistols, especially in .22 and .32.– I’d like to see Colt bring back some variant of a .45 Colt in a double-action, built strongly enough to allow for Ruger-level loads. When I was in Jr. High (Do they still call it that?) Depending on the round, the accuracy may be better in the Colt, but I’ve shot some newer 100s and 101s that really impressed me.I suspect (but this is only suspicion, and not a fact) I would guess this particular Colt mechanism isn’t anywhere near as difficult to work on as the classic DA revolver mechanisms are. One of the first things to comprehend about the King Cobra is its size. My contact there said it was to comply with minimal barrel length restrictions in Canada. If you are unsatisfied with the S&W, you can have it customized to your needs for a fraction of the cost of a Python. And yet, this is smaller than a K frame.While I own an SP101 and carry it at times I don’t love it the way some people do as the perfect trail gun. Remember forged metal is heat treated as well to prevent brittleness.Not sure if cast can be made to be as strong as forged but with proper heat treatment it’s closer than you think. I assume no, but have not seen it stated.I do wish they would bring back a lithe 38 Special like the Police Positive. (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com)The new Python took a pretty big change in the trigger mechanism from the original models. I own both the old and the new Python. The Python had a $125 MSRP (the same as the Single Action Army).

Strong enough?I would love to see a destructive test with a 686 and a GP100 to see how proud loads it would take to stretch them or break them.

Never had an issue.

I called Colt, and the representative I talked to told me they have sent samples to Bianchi and Blade Tech. Much for the better. I find it in the barrel-to-action threads on some modern rifles. Look at the picture of the internals of the gun in the article above. And his use of reloading gear was ‘creative’ to say the least.He was a lot of fun and I miss him still. Watch old videos of Patrick Sweeney, or any of the great revolver shooters out there.

Yes, the Colt action is powered by a V spring that returns the trigger and the Smith and Wesson features a trigger return spring. His favorite knife to skin elk is a #10 5″ micarta that Mark gave him. That may be good for Canadians, but not so great for those of us who can easily find holsters for 4″ guns that may not fit just right with that extra 1/4″ of barrel.I suspect most will fit just fine, but many of the best holsters won’t. This round produced consistent five-round groups of just under 1″.The worst shooting group was also an Armscor 158 gr FMJ round. (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com)I tested both a 6″ and a 4.25″ trigger. to be evaluated for use by their plainclothes detectives. They put the hand in a perfect position to both manage recoil as well as get a proper finger position on the trigger.During this review, I shot the guns in the rain and I shot them in weird Texas 85-degree winter muggy heat. But other than that there don’t seem to be any big noticeable changes.The new gun is basically a Boa though, even if they are calling it a Python.

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