conan exiles improved armor bench

Lemurian lvl 3. It makes no sense.
Armorers lvl 1.


For Conan Exiles on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Anyone else's Improved Armor Bench messed up? Located in the central part of the Savanna Grass biome, at the Southlake.

A bench covered in tools for crafting armor. Seems like the Improved Tanning bench replaces the old one just fine as well - the only odd things are the campfire/improved oven and the improved armor workbench…I really don’t understand what the developers were thinking, I can’t speak for everyone but personally this feels like a bad decision and an oversight.That leads me to believe that it is an oversight, as if the devs didn’t have enough to worry about, they forgot a few things. Any lvl 2 Armorers lvl 3. Mikey July 4, 2019, 4:32am #2. The improved blacksmith’s bench completely replaces the basic one, so there’s no reason the improved armorer’s bench shouldn’t do the same.There would be a hell of a lot of recipe icons if they did this, but that could easily be managed by adding in tabs for each tier of gear. General Discussion. New replies are no longer allowed. General Discussion.

As Conan Exiles is primarily a survival game, you will find yourself in constant need of resources. Using this gear set will allow you to more easily achieve 50 encumberance and will leave enough attribute points to invest into your agility, vitality, and survival stat. It requires extra room. if yes: some recipe miss in improved version i can’t list all, just blinking for a moment, but i know 2. serpent-man shield, shell shield idk this bug or not. Zingaran lvl 3. It’s really only different on the blacksmith and armorer’s stations, as far as I can tell.It’s an intended function and frankly I see no problem with it. Required resources:400 woods, 150 stones .

Infrath July 3, 2019, 9:51pm #1. do you want to remove the (simple)armor’s bench in a high level? Carpenter's bench Recipes. All that stone consolidant eats up lots of plant fiber.The regular armorer’s bench acts as a thread-making workshop for me most of the timeI’d like to be able to upgrade the regular armorers bench for more room. Darfari lvl 4. It makes no sense that aside from the cooking workbenches (which at least make some sense) that this is the only “improved” bench that doesn’t provide the SAME functions as it’s “basic” version.Considering the game is now out of early access, it’s not free, and after looking around I’ve noticed quite a few people complaining about the same thing - that’s where my silver platter comes from.It is an inconvenience. Darfari lvl 3. In the campfire. Shaped wood: 10 Woods; Crossbow: 7 branches, 26 iron bars, 13 silk; Hyrkanian Bow: 7 branches, 13 thick leathers, 13 silk; Ironhead Bolts/Arrows: 10 branches, 10 iron bars Cimmerian lvl 3. Carpenter's bench is a Crafting Station in Conan Exiles . New replies are no longer allowed. It is needed for making Armor. Conan Exiles. Nordheimer lvl 3. So, to make sure I understand it - and to make sure it is/isn’t a bug, as I am just simply not aware - Are you not able to craft the basic padding and lining at an Improved Armor Bench? If it’s this way, just make the others the same way. There’s probably a bunch of things like this, actually. It is dumb.

Armorer's bench. Or make this one the same as the others. Shemite lvl 3. That’s very unfortunate This isn’t a very good idea, as all they had to do was add epic recipes to the current bench, or make the improved bench do everything the old one did PLUS the epic equipment.We use more thralls (or constantly relocate one), use more resources, use more room in our bases, it doesn’t feel like much of an improvement at all.It doesn’t require extra resources as you’d already have the basic one built when you construct the improved version.But yeah they should combine all the recipes into the improved bench. Was hoping my T4 smith would have it on the artisan bench, but alas…It’s just a redundant inconvenience. Because if it is… it’s pretty redundant. It doesn’t IMPROVE on anything… Sure, let’s IMPROVE on the old by requiring me to use up MORE of my base’s real-estate space and MORE of my resources.If it’s not intended, has there been mention of a fix?I have read somewhere on these boards that it is intended to work that way, but I may be wrong.Thank you for your response. So, to make sure I understand it - and to make sure it is/isn’t a bug, as I am just simply not aware -Are you not able to craft the basic padding and lining at an Improved Armor Bench?You can make the perfected - which requires the basic ones - but that would mean that you have to currently own the basic AND the improved version of the armor bench at the SAME time - which also means, if you want to save resources, you either have to move the thrall around constantly or have two decent level thralls, one on each bench.Is this intended?
Hyperborean lvl 3. Armorer's Bench is a Crafting Station in Conan Exiles. improved campfire and bonfire (which is an improved, improved campfire…) you don’t choose recipes. Located in the northwestern part of Exiled Lands, at the Den. Zamorian lvl 3. Wooden Targe: 16 Woods; Light Chest Piece: 5 Twine+ 13 Hides; Light Turban: 5 Twine+ 13 Hides

Is there some divine issue preventing you from having both? They actually need to do this anyway, sorting is a mess.Oh I haven’t tried those really yet but it does sound odd that the Improved Blacksmith Bench replaces the basic bench but the improved armorer bench doesn’t? Aquilonian lvl 3 Cimmerian lvl 3. Hyborian lvl 3. Zenith.

They are two of the smallest crafting stations aside from firebowl cauldrons. Carpenter's bench General Information.

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