crate and barrel couch sagging

I think the difference is very obvious.

And use cable clamps to tie it togetherMaybe use some hose clamps to get it tight then cable clamps to hold it. They came out nice! We are in the market for a new sofa, and I’ll be the primary decision maker. If you are nervous, you can send them to the dry cleaners, but Crate and Barrel is the only sofa that can be cleaned at home! It is stiff and hopefully will soften with use. and a I bought them with a baby who is now 2 1/2. Now I too, following your excellent idea, have a new sofa from the Crate and Barrel.Yeah, I guess buying a new one is essential. It’s amazing how yucky the water looks afterwards but feels great to know they are nice and refreshedSo, I cleaned a few of my cushion covers and haven’t cleaned the main sofa. The fabric was not completely well maintained and I ordered a custom slipcovers from coverissimo.net. I hope this helps many of the others.

My girlfriend has a Crate and Barrel sofa that she loves and ... any repair ideas would be greatly appreciated as otherwise the couch is in excellent shape and apparently it was expensive. Thanks!I have my Willow Crate and Barrel sofa coming on February 13th and I can’t wait. And I should mention that the state I saw them in was pretty bad, they didn’t hold up well. Yes, fresh blood was splattered on our white slipcover. Can you see the difference? I think that might be your best best. I wanted to try one cushion to make sure I didn’t ruin the fabric. Measures 91" long x 46" deep x 32" tall. I also bought white swivel, rocker chair & hate it! I have crate and barrel couches at my beach house in Kingston Snow….

When the frame broke the plastic tubing in the flexolator system also broke.I tried using heavy zip ties to make the wires taut again and this worked okay but not great - the issue now is that the couch sinks so much that the crossbar for the frame digs into your hip/side when you sit/lie on it. This is a nice deep couch for serious lounging. The stain resistance is appealing, the firmness of the sofa is ideal for my family. Lol But it was the look I wanted to keep the place light and airy.Now that there is an avocado stain here and a who knows what stain there, I think they will be do for a cleaning at the end of the season.

I have a crate & barrell harborview couch and three chairs and cannot find slip covers listed anywhere. Share with us how our style inspires your look.

I called them and they are no help and offered no parts or repair options. I think they still sell the Harborside. All yours - you just have to pick it up. Since so many people ask me about my Crate and Barrel Do you ever research something to death and then you end up paralyzed?I think they have a term called “analysis paralysis!”I had bugged my husband forever about getting a new sofa, and finally, he caved.Buying a sofa is a BIG investment and so research is a must.Once I got his blessing, I felt like I needed to research the dickens on every sofa.So, originally, I thought maybe I could find a sofa on Craigslist.
Design Studio . this is helpful!I want to thank you for these honest reviews Janine! I didn’t use the dryer but instead placed them on the back of some plastic chairs to dry. We both sit on the middle cushion, and I do need to flip it so that it isn’t a tiny bit droopy. So maybe google it, and you’ll find them. I do have to say that I noticed the color difference in the seat cushions immediately, before you mentioned (thanks for the warning about OxyClean … it’s my go to for everything, but I didn’t know about it yellowing polyester ~ so I’m glad Spray and Wash is back!). Three cushions are better than two large ones in that the weight distributes better and so you lessen the amount of lumpiness.This observation is valid. Same here, I have the Crate & Barrel Lounge sectional.

Our Big Comfy Couch A Crate Barrel Lounge Ii Sofa Review READ Grey Walls Living Room Fireplace.
I too have a few broken clips and the rods are broken in spots.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castA place where people can come to learn and share their experiences of doing, building and fixing things on their own.Press J to jump to the feed. I would love to replace them but can’t afford the CB chairs at the moment.

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