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"In a note to Lisa, he quoted lyrics from a satirical but graphic song: "I'm sorry now I killed you. Good job, gentlemen.

No sports, academic groups, or even jobs to keep these kids busy? He was starting his freshman year at Ohio State the following week, but he was mostly obsessing over news that a former classmate had been deployed to the Middle East after Iraq invaded Kuwait.

He was a handsome young man, with a crisp haircut and dark bangs that reached out over his eyes. I hope you'll take a break and stop off at the Shaker Heights exit and when you are done - we will see you on the other side!

When a murder of one of their own was committed by one of their own they reached out to the experts for help but it was only after they decided based off of the teenagers statements that Kevin was their guy.

And y'all are describing him as "the weird kid at school who wore Metallica t shirts"? I like this idea the best because I'm just not sure if the mom would have corroborated the husband's and son's stories or not.

What was the approximate distance from where Lisa's bike was found to where her remains were?

No weapon, no bloody clothes, no witnesses, nobody without an alibi....nothing. Loved these episodes but I wish I would have heard more from Nic and the Captain. If that was her screaming, wouldn't she have been very earlier for their little late night rendezvous which was supposed to be between 12:30-1? When they got back, Kevin returned to the polygraph room with Kohanski and took two more tests. I love all your episodes, but I am especially enjoying this series/ format.

Dan planned to have ppl over late on a school night- yet his dad wasn’t fully asleep yet

She was involved in a litany of extracurricular activitiesÊ- student council, marching band, softball, field hockey, the school paper. My guess is, Dan killed Lisa, and he lucked out that there also happened to be an event that night (the scream) that got some attention from his family that raised alarms.

Always, and forever. He then finds her bike and thinks, that might be her bike.

In some context he said that he wanted to kill Lisa and Dan Dreifort.

It was very obvious she was reading her part. Maybe its the mom in me but why are all these kids running around the neighborhood so late at night? But Kevin understood that he was not being invited. They had no more on Kevin than what they had on the other three. This is not the work of one kid.

Still, Kevin's name was leaked to the media as the main suspect in Lisa's murder. I'm not so fussed about the new format - preferred to hear the banter as you both talk through theories, although for a change it's interesting and like that the Captain gets to feature more (loving that voice) TCG is my gym & driving habit, highly addictive. "Then I ran home, called her house, got the answering machine, then called 911." It seemed like the kids were making a plan to set him up. I don't want to wait. In any case thanks for all your work. Why did they dismiss Tex as a suspect so quickly? This was a great episode and truly sad story. Though wary at first, he agreed, and over the next several days they formed a quick friendship. where are Episodes 4,5,6 Great job on the change of pace!

Coincidence? He told Kevin that Lisa was coming around 12, 12:30, and so was another classmate named Chris Jones. It's also killing me now that it's over, I want more!! I skipped this at first because I was dreading any tinkering with the format, but once I gave it a chance and got going, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am almost through episode 5.

Count me as another fan of the format! Make the blacks and Jews, and the Slavs and the Latins and the yellows and the Semites subordinate to us. He hosted "Robo parties" at his house, where everyone drank Robitussin and listened to music. I was a little thrown by the narration, thinking "Wow! '"Then, according to Gray, Kevin said, "I am scared. We all snuck out of course but leaving school wasn’t a normal option.

I hope your success doesn’t become burdensome.

And when reporters discovered that Kevin's father, J. Talbot Young, was a law partner of Shaker Mayor Steve Alfred, all hell broke loose. Love True Crime Garage, but no didn’t like this format. and formed a band of his own called Your Mother and Her Howling Commandoes.

Dan Dreifort - Jordan Bonaparte - www.NightTimePodcast.com Bio PART 7: Dan Dreifort's mom (Mrs. Dreifort, to you,) speaks out. They reveal that Tex called Debbie's dorm at 12:19 a.m. and the call lasted until 12:54.

P.S great music too captain ? The format really pulled me in to the story and left me not knowing what to believe, following the clues from the interviews with the police. Loved this.

You hooked me after the first half hour and I just wanted more and more of this case.
So I found this on Dan Dreifort and I am not saying he is the one or he is not the one.

Wish it had finished with the usual analysis of each suspect and the viability of their guilt, but all in all, great job! He had clippers. It's very entertaining to hear the Captain interviewing - He's good at it.

"Then, on July 6, DeVan unveiled a surprise: a statement by Edward Curtin, the police officer who was first to arrive on scene. Is the series really over?

A BIG Thank You to all of our voice actors!


Read the last sentence, I clipped it from the website.

And you don't have to read the ENTIRE transcript, i.e.

Reading investigatory documents is very dry which is why your regular format is so much better. Great job guys!At first I wasn't sure about the format, but I ended up really enjoying it and trying to puzzle out the answer as the episodes went along. Thanks for what you two doLove you guys, but wish you'd list your sources (maybe I am missing them?) Fifteen minutes later, the screaming began.The screams were Lisa's. (Early news broadcasts were reporting Lisa had probably been raped.)


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