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All I was aware of was that he created a ton of Nickelodeon hits long after I grew out of watching the channel. It makes a lot more sense when you put it in the context of a Dan Schneider. I pretty much stopped watching the network altogether righ She went on a now infamous twitter rant blaming her parents for basically making her a prostitute. Schneider may not be a criminal, but the pseudo-uncovering of including child actors in his bizarre foot obsession and writing of sexual jokes for children’s programming is enough to question the reasoning of his exit from Nickelodeon.It’s perfectly valid to fire somebody from a job involving children if there’s any worry they may be causing harm to those children them, and it’s a good thing Schneider is no longer involved with Nick. The sudden end of Dan Schneider’s time at Nickelodeon, where he built an empire Dan Schneider accepts the lifetime achievement award at the 27th annual Kids’ Choice Awards at … Millennial adolescence was defined by Dan Schneider productions. he always puts his actors in weird sexual situations/innuendos and doesn’t even TRY to make it subtle why this? Again, these are unconfirmed and we have to mention that he’s never been formally charged with anything of the sort. It’s hard to think of all the money we contributed to somebody who may have been exploiting our role models all this time — a sentiment that applies to a lot more than just Schneider’s work. He is responsible for nearly every one of their biggest successes in the last 20 years.
“Ransomware? He is known for voicing Master Shake on Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Granny Cuyler on Squidbillies, and Baby Ball on Ballmastrz: 9009.He also voiced Dr. Whang on Adult Swim's Minoriteam, Dr. Colosso on Nickelodeon's comedy series The Thundermans, and Gazpacho on Cartoon Network's animated series Chowder. wait until you see what else he’s done If there’s anything we’ve learned from the #MeToo movement, it’s that a lot of sexual misconduct has been expertly hidden and manipulated by the Hollywood machine. Dana Snyder (born November 14, 1973) is an American actor and voice actor. Everyone knew it.

All I was aware of was that he created a ton of Nickelodeon hits long after I grew out of watching the channel. http://twitpic.com/3zfe4There are countless conspiracy videos about Schneider on YouTube, and more threads and discussions about the producer have appeared on Twitter since Nickelodeon’s statement.
Amanda Bynes is an extremely gifted performer but tragically lost contact with reality for a while. https://twitter.com/maddiepxiige/status/909188098264887299But there must be some big bombshells coming down the pike, because earlier this evening, Nickelodeon https://twitter.com/PopCrave/status/978417813231718400 TRR STAFF We interrupt your regularly scheduled infighting to report the following…

I didn't know a lot about Dan Schneider before today. In our Lol Firm?” Ransomware deployed A law firm, Grubman… New Alternate Timeline If you’ve been feeling… Robert Downey Jr. allegedly wrote the following statement about Dan Schneider on Crazy Days and Nights under the screen name Himmmm:Completely independent of this story, I happened to be chatting with a former child actor over a week ago. this is innuendos, & sexualizing. The guy is a Middle Aged Man who's primary claim to fame is producing several tween sitcoms for Nickelodeon that usually have female leads (Zoey 101, iCarly, Victorious, Sam and Cat, and soon to be Game Shakers). This is true of a lot of kids shows, but the sexual nature of Schneider’s renowned comedy is uncomfortable to look at en masse.like dude, did you not have ANY OTHER outfits, it’s a KIDS SHOW, + the choreography is literally them shaking their asses, like stop i can’t even explain this one.

If you have a moment, will you please NAME Sam’s toes for us? Legendary children's television producer Dan Schneider has split with Nickelodeon, where he's been making hit shows since 1994. No one said a word.”She also said that he told her she was too fat to be famous. I didn’t know a lot about Dan Schneider before today. Daniel James Schneider (born Friday, January 14, 1966) is an actor, writer, and producer of movies and television. I’m from the I didn’t realize the foot fetish material he including in all his shows, for one.https://twitter.com/maddiepxiige/status/909232092894121984https://twitter.com/maddiepxiige/status/909232728448667648https://twitter.com/maddiepxiige/status/909233878707171328https://twitter.com/maddiepxiige/status/909234540237000706https://twitter.com/maddiepxiige/status/909236333897449472That would be creepy enough, but there’s a lot of rumors out there that he actually participated in sexual abuse. She was 11.If Schneider is the monster people seem to believe he is, some things do fall into place. Almost every iconic Nickelodeon show — from Nickelodeon and Schneider issued a rather formal statement regarding the split, saying “both sides agreed that this is a natural time” to move on, as many of Schneider’s current projects are coming to an end. I'm from the Hey Dude, Doug, Double Dare, Legends of the Hidden Temple era. Among these things are allegations that Schneider’s behavior impacts the child stars far beyond their time on his show.Jennette McCurdy has starred on two of Schneider’s shows — From 2012 to 2015 actress Amanda Bynes went through a rather public mental breakdown — she spent the majority of her childhood and teen years starring in Schneider’s productions, such as TV shows Schneider’s programming is known for sexual innuendo — jokes that fly over kids heads, but click for parents.

We were discussing Weinstein and she told me that in her youth she worked on one of Schneider’s shows very briefly.

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