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Dante Level 2 Online certification. Despite the move, the Level 2 course includes an interactive simulator for the hands-on skills test, meaning installers will see get the same level of knowledge.The Level 2 Certification course is an intermediate to advanced level course that prepares AV personnel to design larger Dante network systems, and provides training on audio networking concepts such as clocking, unicast and multicast, latency, and redundancy. Communication that is only between specific devices on a networkDante [________] use unicast as the default mode of transmission.More switch hops -> greater minimum latency.


Sorry to say but the day was a complete waste of time for me. Bear in mind that the scope of networking knowledge used in AV is only a subset of the larger issues with which network engineers and IT managers must engage.

Enter the Answer Code that is displayed at the top of the Routing screen into the empty answer box on the online test page and submit the answer. RU Credits: 2.0 CTS, Domain A. PLAY. The course contains ten instructional videos, a knowledge test and the simulated skills test. To use this website, you must agree to our Following the launch of the Level 1 online Dante Certification launched last year, a Level 2 Dante Certification is now available.Over 5,000 people have already received the Level 1 Dante Certification, which covered the basic principles of audio networking and Dante. thehenrysnyder. Getting your Certificate

Settings above minimum are unaffected.You [________] have multiple Preferred Masters in a Dante network.Software that allows local audio I/O & applications on your computer to access the Dante network[________] Dante devices have a secondary network capability.Feature that allows glitch-free flow of audio through a Secondary network when the Primary network fails for any reasonBy providing a standard Core Audio, ASIO or WDM audio interface that behaves like a regular soundcard.Selecting a single Dante device to be the Preferred Master [________] force it to win the clock master electionDante Controller has primary and secondary network connection options.Connect a second set of cables and switches to create a network that uses only the Secondary port of Dante devicesChoose all that apply: A broadcast network connection is:Dante Multicast Flows are manually created on an as needed basis.When would you select the "Enable Sync to External" box for devices on the DC Clock Status tab?When a device is either a) connected to an external word clock, or b) when using the internal clock of a device to drive a Dante option cardDante Via and Dante Virtual Soundcard [________] be used at the same time on the same computer.Can the Secondary (redundant) port on a Dante device be connected to the Primary network to increase channel count?Software that turns computers into Dante-enabled workstations, connecting audio applications to a Dante network.Dante Controller [________] a setting that allows an external clock to synchronize a Dante network.Wish to connect a transmitter to multiple receiving devices, typically more than 3When should IGMP snooping be considered for use on a Dante network?In systems where some devices are intolerant of large amounts of multicast traffic.Dante Virtual Soundcard [________] act as the clock master for the network.A computer running Dante Via [________] be the Clock Master for a Dante network.A unicast Dante Flow can contain up to [________] different Tx channels of audio from the same device.When using Dante on a network with significant amount of mixed (non-audio) traffic.A single network that carries audio, telephone, video, and data communication services at once is...How many channels does Dante Virtual Soundcard support?How can a Dante device be configured to act as a plug-and-play replacement for another?Can the Secondary (redundant) port be configured to daisy chain devices?Yes, but only on certain Dante devices.

Created by. Answer: We recommend that all interested users start with the Dante Certification Program, available here. Gravity.

The Level 2 certificate is awarded to those who successfully complete all modules, and pass both tests.“We have been thrilled with the level of interest in the Dante Certification program since it was first introduced last year,” notes Joshua Rush, vice president of marketing and product at Audinate.“We are excited to announce that the Level 2 certification course is now available online so that consultants, integrators and customers can now get certified whenever they want, and wherever they are located.”

So I'm trying to get through the online certification for Dante, the material itself isn't too bad (mostly basic networking stuff up until lv 3) however I can't seem to get past the 2nd online practical exam. The Level 2 Certification course is an intermediate to advanced level course that prepares AV personnel to design larger Dante network systems, and provides training on audio networking concepts such as clocking, unicast and multicast, latency, and redundancy.

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