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His birth name is Benjamin Aaron Shapiro. David Shapiro (born January 2, 1947) is an American poet, literary critic, and art historian.

This is for my parents to teach me. [52] As of March 2019, according to Westwood One, The Ben Shapiro Show is being carried by more than 200 stations, including in nine of the top ten markets. In January 2019, Westwood One expanded Shapiro's one-hour podcast-to-radio program, adding a nationally syndicated two-hour live radio show, for three hours of Ben Shapiro programming daily. This is for my parents to teach me. In it, he purportedly said he and his wife “both know there are much more important things in a marriage than sexual satisfaction.” However, the first sharer of the screenshot circulating later commented that the tweet was satire — a claim supported by the lack of any indication Shapiro had tweeted and then deleted that particular comment.Ben Shapiro tweeted that the "endless parade of jokes" about him and his wife didn't bother him, because they both know there are "much more important things in a marriage than sexual satisfaction. On August 21 2020, a tweet attributed to right-wing pundit Ben Shapiro appeared:The purported tweet, which spread in screenshot form, said:You know how much this endless parade of jokes about me and my wife bothers me? We were unable to locate any trace of it on Shapiro’s Twitter feed, nor did anyone manually retweet what likely would have been a viral tweet, had it come from Shapiro himself.A date-restricted reverse image search led to what appeared to be the first iteration of the tweet, purportedly published by Shapiro at 12:16 AM on August 21 2020. In his speeches, he often presents a conservative viewpoint on controversial subjects. "In 2019, in response to 2020 Democratic Party presidential candidate In a 2002 article, Shapiro wrote, "I am getting really sick of people who whine about 'civilian casualties'... when I see in the newspapers that civilians in An RCMP document presented at the sentencing hearing of Quebec mosque shooter In 2019, Shapiro said that American-Muslim congresswoman He has argued that immigrants from Islamic countries degrade the United States.In 2016, Shapiro described himself as "basically a libertarian".Shapiro accuses the left of believing in an imaginary "hierarchy of victimhood" in which the opinions of members of persecuted groups like the Shapiro has called for lowering taxes on the very wealthy.In a 2011 tweet, Shapiro noted that Jewish people are plagued by "Bad Jews", and that they "largely vote Democrat".Shapiro was one of several conservative commentators condemning Representative Shapiro frequently praises "western culture" and "western civilization".Shapiro's sister is Abigail Shapiro, an opera singer; she has been subjected to online antisemitic In 2008, Shapiro married Mor Toledano, an Israeli medical doctor of American conservative political commentator, writer and podcast host

He was first published at the age of thirteen, and his first book was published when he … My doctor wife's differential diagnosis: bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, or trichomonis.Ben, Ben, Ben… I think your wife was trying to make you feel better about having never turned her on. He started a nationally syndicated column when he was 17 and had written two books by age 21.In 2011, HarperCollins published Shapiro's fourth book, On February 7, 2013, Shapiro published an article citing unspecified Senate sources who said that a group named "Friends of Hamas" was among foreign contributors to the political campaign of Shapiro speaks at college campuses across the United States. David Shapiro, father of political commentator Ben Shapiro.

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