daylight light bulbs vs soft white

It is a nice touch. If you are in your late 40s or older, the colors you are seeing are not like the colors younger people are seeing.I much prefer warmer lighting.

I find that it really gives a reflection of true colour regardless of the room design, wall or cabinet colour etc. Inviting people over for lunch?

The entire room color looked more precise. 1 ) I realize that a lot of institutional spaces are still equipped with fluorescent tubes for practical reasons, but it will be so nice to see the back end of them for good.And then halogens came along, a bit more efficient, but hot. Mercola has great articles on this…I have bright white in the lamp by where I sit in the evening.

Thanks again! ) Green based beige was the recommendation to work with the trim. )

2700K is a bit too warm for me, but 3000-3500K is usually fine in most cases. I will never put the current day LED’s in my chandeliers or scones in the eating areas of kitchen or dining room. Prior I had CFL incandescent 100 Watts in the fixtures again 2 in each fixture. Colors look dingy and unappealing to me, in it, and everything seems “dim” to me. I actually have a light bulb document that I give my clients explaining all the different LED lighting options because everyone is confused. )

I can feel it waking me up instantly if it’s on at a time it shouldn’t be. ) I have been switching LED bulbs...doesn't feel wuite right but I think your idea, brighter overhead and warmer accent lighting is what I need. And if your white kitchen looks somewhat yellowed and dingy in artificial light in the evening, LED daylight bulbs are worth considering to get a truer fresh white look.Isn’t it amazing what can be done with new LED technologies in lighting? )

We selected 3000 k based on how the lighting behaved in her home.Did the same with my Sister in laws home – country style with cornflower blues and peaches. ►  Labels :

I have some pendants going above a dining table, about 30" above.


This is one of the best written I've seen...and i read tons of reviews before buying most atuff I'm unfamiliar with. I love the warmth of 2700K LED, and use it in many living spaces, but for kitchen and bath go to 3000K for “true enough” lighting for cooking, putting on makeup, etc. Subscribe to my newsletter to get the latest updates to your inbox.
( ( ►  ) MariaI have the halogen lights in my kitchen and family room, one room. ( I can’t STAND greenish or blue lighting!Ugh! I’m a photographer, I’m used to “seeing” the light—and it just continually nags at me, like a sore tooth.Under the “did you know” category—since so many people are chiming in with fun factoids!—if you have newer glasses with an “HD” non-reflective lens—then you may very well have an slight amber tint in your lenses that you aren’t aware of!

Change a few of the bulbs you use most often and you'll notice it in your electric bill. ) Please read my It wasn’t cleaner than other homes, it had high gloss tile floors and different color lighting than most. ►  8 Everything you need to know to build drawer boxes for your woodworking projects in this drawer building tutorial. (

It looks ok in person but the room is quite yellow in photos and videos. This new color or lack of brightness is making me feel ill. I have not noticed a change in the color temp of our kitchen, which has both cream and pure white (I know, it needs work). ( You control LIFX bulbs with an app that allows you to make the bulbs whatever color you want.
I go so far as to have only red night lights so if I get up at night I’m not up for hours because of a blast of hormones telling me to get up.

) (

( I just find that the warm light makes me feel more relaxed. The owner wanted the ceiling to be blue (in the interior, I hope I’m explaining it correctly) We tried several colors but they ALL showed up with lavender undertones. I'm leaning toward daylights for it while complimenting bedroom with some bedside lamps with warmer lighting.

10 Also, 3000K for kitchens and baths gives a nice clean light (similar to MR16, and will NOT yellow your cabinets. Oh my.Michelle (above) mentioned color rendering index plays an important part in how we see color. I re-read the majority of your posts, Maria. Repainted and it was still yellowish… the edison bulbs definitely were the worst offenders so we went cooler and I switched the lampshades to whites.

Thank you for always providing a blog where you share your insights but also ask for other perspectives!As you and others mention, the room and the function of the room inform the color I prefer (e.g.

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