dayz loot tent

Saw 2 guys running out of the tents, went in and found none of it looted. Had the same problem when the server restart and I was sorting the tent inventory.

The first major role of the Central Loot Economy is managing the spawning of loot around Chernarus.

they are out there

towers, fences, tents everything gone.... Below is a brief overview of each of the four primary categories and the types of loot they contain.

not is apartments right now, actually, i don't think anything spawns in apartments. Military Tents are large green tents, that can usually be found in Military Camps. IMHO, the devs turned them off as they were highly over-powered. Close. I wouldnt mind if they just didnt put them in the game in the first place.

even some official server hosts have been restarting servers incorrectly causing the database to corrupt and lose items.

This condition may have some impact on the functionality or use of the item, causing unintended effects or, occasionally, no effect at all.

Add in the third police station in the woods and the NWAF is still the best place to get geared, even moreso since no one bothers going up that far north or west anymore.No they dont.

This function prevents the game from becoming cluttered with useless items, serves players with a continually refreshed pool of available gear, and acts as one method of preventing individual players from having too much influence over the entire server's economy. For the piece of equipment see: Big Military Tent Backpack. This is useful for telling, at a glance, what the condition of your clothing is at that moment.
they are out there Press J to jump to the feed. © Valve Corporation. As an item's condition begins to deteriorate, it's appearance will also change, refelecting the condition it is in. Items in this state are visually indistinguishable from items in pristine condition. Dude i had so much stuff in it Though this screen is used to display a number of things, when a player refers to their "inventory" what they really mean is the space (or "slots") in which equipment and weapons are stored and kept on a character. 7. Thank you :D #3. tyber_gsk (Banned) Aug 27, 2019 @ 8:15am Medium tents and car tents spawn inside sheds in big citys like zielonogorsk, novodmitrovsk etc.

I was in my tent then i got a disconnect.

It can be entered on foot, and vehicles can drive inside it and park, which makes it somewhat less visible to other players.

thank you < > Showing 1-15 of 16 comments . All rights reserved. They are on the verge of becoming ruined and, if possible, should be repaired immediately.
In DayZ Standalone rather than having random loot spawn at specific locations around the world, the Central Loot Economy manages every item that can spawn, the amount of the item that can spawn and the locations where the item can spawn.

i have found all of my either in helicopters or other peoples bases. Found many Blue ones just inside houses along the northern part of the map looking for cars. Noticed how they only said they "were aware" of the issue? this is a server side error which happens when it crashes or is not gracefully shut down. Once an item has been used or damaged to the point of becoming ruined, it can no longer be repaired at all and is permanently reduced to near-uselessness. Literally just had the same thing.

Jul 25, 2019 @ 4:19am Where To find TENTS ?

Can anyone confirm if the military tents are spawning loot again?Can anyone confirm if the military tents are spawning loot again?The 2 level camo net bunkers and the small green tin barracks do as well.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A very detailed interactive map for the latest version of DayZ, including both Chernarus and Livonia.

Fixing loot spawns and respawning loot in general has a very very low prority to the devs atmRofl, fixing spawn/respawning loot, will cut off hoppers, and let you play normal, so you would not get starved because everything has been looted, so you need to change server to get some food etc.Took a trip up to the tents and found nothing, still broken it seemsI don't believe they are broken. Jul 9, 2019 @ 3:00am There is only a mod variant atm.

5 years ago. Posted by. Stop pretending to be a survival game & admit that its becone a poor PVP shoot em up with.. 11 guns.. ‍♂️

For more information about how long items stay in place without activity, please see the table below for Once an item's location has been detemined, the Central Loot Economy will then randomly determine the condition the item spawns-in with and, if applicable, attachments or additional items that spawn on or within the spawning item itself. Essentially, Persistent objects that are regularly used or interacted with will never despawn (assuming they do not become ruined or the server is not wiped). They have a couple of military loot spawns and are therefore a main target for Survivor activity.

"The Improvised Tent is a piece of Equipment in DayZ Standalone.

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