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Prior to the The independent candidacy of George Wallace, former Democratic governor of Alabama, partially negated Nixon's Southern Strategy.While the South was shifting from the Democrats to the Republicans, the Although Republicans gradually began doing better in presidential elections in the South starting in 1952, Republicans did not finish taking over Southern politics at the nonpresidential level until the elections of November 2010.

daniel dennis (daniel dennis & company), (zip code: 02171) $625 to kerry committee on 06/30/01. Since that time, its voting patterns has been similar to those of other Southern states, so it may be considered part of the Solid South.However, Republicans returned to power in 1896, controlling the governorship for eight of the next nine terms, and electing 82 of 106 U.S. For several years, Peter's blog was ranked by the Washington Post as the best state-based blog in Florida. John M. Slaton, president of the senate, served as acting governor until Joseph M. Brown was elected governor in a special election.The elected Governor, Joseph Taylor Robinson, resigned on March 8, 1913 to take an elected seat in the United States Senate. Though the Democrats also won The parties' positions on civil rights continued to evolve in the run up to the That November, Johnson won a landslide electoral victory, and the Republicans suffered significant losses in Congress. Dennis Daniel Bailey, Abbe Sheila Rifkin Logan and George Odom Jr. are all candidates running for one circuit judgeship in Broward County. Republicans now control 20 of the 22 legislative bodies in the former Confederacy, the sole exceptions being the However, during the 2010 midterm elections, Republicans swept the South, successfully reelecting every Senate incumbent, electing freshmen The biggest exception to this trend has been the state of While Republicans occasionally won southern states in elections in which they won the presidency in the Solid South, it was not until 1960 that a Republican carried one of these states while losing the national election. Aug. 25, 1917.Resigned to take an elected seat in the United States Senate.Impeached and removed from office. In the 1930s, black voters outside the South largely switched to the Democrats, and other groups with an interest in civil rights (notably Jews, Catholics, and academic intellectuals) became more powerful in the party. It was perhaps the most reliably Democratic state in the nation between 1932 and 1996, being one of just two states (along with Minnesota) to vote for a Republican president as few as 3 times in that interval. Veteran Democratic officeholders retired or died, and older voters who were still rigidly Democratic also died off. November 15, 2010Elected as a Republican, Crist switched his registration to independent in April 2010. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! For instance, a Republican was elected U.S. Representative from Texas in 1920, serving until 1932. Republican Yolan Dennis of Washington County will move on to the general election to face incumbent Debbie Phillips, D-Albany, in the 94th District Ohio House of Representatives race. This chart is intended to be a visual exposition of party strength in the solid south and the dates listed are not exactly precise.

Voting against her were 41 Democrats, one independent and Republican Lincoln Chafee (R.I.). Today, the South is dominated by Republicans at both the state and presidential level. Representatives. Schorsch is also the publisher of INFLUENCE Magazine. Filled unexpired term and was later elected in his own right.Resigned upon appointment as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury.Did not run for re-election in 1888, but due to the election's being disputed, remained in office until February 6, 1890.Elected in 1888 for a term beginning in 1891, an election dispute prevented Fleming from taking office until February 6, 1890As lieutenant governor, acted as governor for unexpired term and was subsequently elected in his own right.As President of the state Senate, filled unexpired term and was subsequently elected in his own right.Gubernatorial terms were increased from two to four years during Jelks' governorship; his first term was filling out Samford's two-year term, and he was elected in 1902 for a four-year term.Resigned to take an elected seat in the United States Senate. Officials who acted as governor for less than ninety days are excluded from this chart. Florida Politics is a statewide, new media platform covering campaigns, elections, government, policy, and lobbying in Florida. This created a complete inversion of the electoral pattern of the previous presidential election: the South, angry at Johnson and the Civil Rights Acts, changed from Democratic to Republican. The 1960 election was the first in which a Republican presidential candidate received electoral votes in the South while losing nationally. Democrat Daniel Inouye of Hawaii did not vote. This platform and all of its content are owned by Extensive Enterprises Media. "Between Reconstructions: Congressional Action on Civil Rights, 1891–1940." The Solid South or Southern bloc was the electoral voting bloc of the states of the Southern United States for issues that were regarded as particularly important to the interests of Democrats in those states. Republican Farmer & Democratic Journal (Jan-Sep 1840) BY S. P. COLLINS. However, with the Democratic national landslide of 1932, the South again became solidly Democrat. The "Solid South" is a loose term referring to the states that made up the voting bloc at any point in time.

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