did sasuke pass the chunin exams

Neither Naruto or Sasuke did.I never really understood why they weren't passed. If they follow this instruction, the scroll will Anko herself was surprised that 21 genin made it, even though less than half would make it anyway due to the nature of the test, believing that no more than 3 teams would pass. Villages originally held their own individual exams.

so even if they did picked naruto, naruto

As the second stage goes on, teams that have lost their scroll will tend to gather around the building, hoping to prey on on those with both. Genin are forbidden from opening either scroll until they have reached the central building. If so, why was Sasuke the only one in the picture? I know that Shikamaru showed the skills and intelligence required to become a Chunin and was therefore promoted but is there is any reason that why the people who actually PASSED THE EXAMS didn't get promoted? I mean, are you really going to put the hot head who would get the squad killed in charge of people? No. Technically after the war they are still genin considering both of them never passed the Chunin Exams. By the same extension, acquiring both scrolls does not guarantee completion of the second stage, as they still must reach the centre building in time. Because too many genin end up passing the second stage, a single round of randomly selected one-on-one matches is held where only the victor will get to continue on. Well, according to the source of the databook's names, there should still be two left to be release. and the hokage was bussy 2012-08-10 18:54:40 2012-08-10 18:54:40. At Chunin Exams Naruto was able to defeat Neji ( who was already chunin level ) and prior to this, he had already mastered how to summon Gamabunta. Participants' advancement to the finals is no longer contingent upon the success of their teammates; it is for this excuse that The finals are held a month after the completion of the preliminaries so that finalists have a chance to recuperate and prepare.

Naruto beat him but didn't show the intelligence needed for a Chunin.

Although it appeared throughout the match that Shikamaru was using pointless attacks, he was actually five steps ahead, and managed to skilfully manipulate Temari into a position where he could attack from behind, using the tunnel which Naruto had dug during his match with Neji to stealthily extend his Shadow Imitation Technique.

This option is, itself, the tenth question; if a genin is willing to face the unknown of the tenth question, they are ready to be a chūnin. Am I missing something? The twenty-one people — or twenty, after Kabuto withdrew — were to be matched up with each other, in a fight that lasted until somebody gave in or was unable to continue fighting. chunin because they went to the chunin exams on the next year while If the genin pass, they will be considered for promotion to Chunin.

When Karin was having her 'life flashing before her eyes' moment, was that really Sasuke? That's completely unfair anyways. If a team loses their starting scroll they are not automatically disqualified, as they may use the remaining time to acquire another copy of the scroll they've lost. Regardless of his demeanor Naruto taking down Gaara was a massive help to the village during the invasion. Although he did beat Neji, the "judges" didn't think That does make the most sense. Did Naruto pass the chunin exams? It could've been much worse if he was running around Konoha like that. that he was good enough to be a Chunin and the Chunin exams got Hmm so only certain things in DB4 can be used in reality anyways. It's the reason no one is guaranteed a promotion.

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