dirt late model setup tips

MCs located to the left are useful for the flatter, slicker tracks.We need to decide what we want to achieve and then set the bars, etc., so that the car will do what we want. We can then utilize all four tires and a more level body configuration relative to the track surface to improve the aero downforce that exists.The rear geometry needs to be arranged so that minimal rear steer takes place in order to keep the car going straight ahead, much like an asphalt car. When you’re going down the straightaway, you’ve got positive pinion angle, plus the rear end is moving 6- to 8- inches to the left. * * * 2 If there is already a high amount of LR weight supported by that tire, imagine what it is after the LF comes off the ground. The ones we spoke with were in agreement that times have definitely changed. This setup was prepared for tacky track conditions by Kyle Kramer.Here's another Pro Late Model setup that I made for Volusia Speedway 2018 Season 3. When the rearend articulates, moving one wheel ahead of the other, the movement is translated through control arms to the chassis.If both of the wheels move fore or aft the same amount, the effect is not noticed and referred to as zero rear steer. If you like the site or if you use the setups that we provide, please consider making a donation of any amount.JR Motorsports Late Model driver Josh Berry has added the iRacing colors to his Late Model Stock Car for the 2020 season. With all four tires on the ground, a high amount of LR weight can be put in the car to provide improved traction off the corners. “You have three timing devices in a race car suspension. They have already experimented with different spindles and other adjustments to find the best configuration.Let's take a look at the different elements to work with on a dirt car. Less equally loaded rear tires mean less traction off the corners.We would soften the right-side springs to help the front turn and the rear to promote traction off the corners. Please disable any ad blocker you have running then refresh the page. wheel Spacer to Right rear * * * 2 Lengthen Right Side WheelBase (1/4 in. )

Running a steeper angle on the bars indexes the spring on that particular wheel more.”When trying to find the ideal setting, it’s better to start off with a small amount of rear steer and adjust more in, as needed.

The bar may even be mounted on the right side of the chassis for more consistency. “It’s easy to go too soft on the right rear,” he says. We need all of this when the tracks more closely resemble asphalt conditions as the G-forces increase.

It's no wonder that the pole car seldom wins.The routine for setting up a dirt car should start in the shop. “On a late model or modified, a standard right rear spring will be 200 or 225. “One thing, I recommend is not to over-adjust,” he says. If I want a car to gain roll steer real quick, I’m running shorter bars. Photo by Todd Boyd.For rear steer setup, the rear moment of center is adjusted more to the right to enhance traction. Merritt says, “Your driveshaft is going to be your determining factor on how much roll steer you want to have. When the car is static, it will have 24- to 26- degrees, depending on the length of the lower bar. The more equally loaded a pair of tires is, the more available traction.This does not work in the case of a setup that lifts the LF tire off the ground. In many of our articles on various aspects of chassis setup, we try to include both sides of the coin-dirt and asphalt. It is the suction created by air being pulled out of the back of the car as it moves through the air and sucks the dust up off the ground-and this is at only 10-15 mph.

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