dmt trip report

I recall closing my eyes and immediately seeing what I can only describe as a female creature that reminded me of a medieval witch. dong" in increasing tempo and volume. The world became so crammed full of intricacy to the nth that it seemed every nook and cranny in my spacetime was exfoliating little crystalline dancing worlds, bellowing ecstasy. Then the patterns began. But I did feel recognized, perhaps even initiated, into something bigger and weirder than my acid dreams ever suggested. As I ate the capsule, the thought came up that I was at ten minutes and should be ending my DMT trip, but that this capsule would extend my trip (Of course I didn't know how long I'd been off, although when I later came around it had been 17 mins.) Their voices were high pitched and their song sounded very alien like and very old.

its boundary. I was not separate from any part of it. and cones with shading. I fell into its mouth and the teeth started that strange "peeling outwards and inwards at the same time" pattern again as I became totally enveloped by it and was deep inside its "mouth". I had seen before, so now all closed in, the playpen was there!

It was paradox. The only present emotions were peace and love. Dewdrops slipping off of buttercups, a warm desert breeze, a cactus field of great saguaros and ox tongues swaying gently as sheets of stars pass above, careening archetypes appearing and disappearing in front of me: a Pirandellonian clown, a giant black horse with a honey-colored mane, an archer with an inviting grin, ferries with dragonfly wings, a wizard with soft spoken eyes, a lascivious young siren licking my chest with a long slippery buttermilk tongue, a bengalian tiger with piercing luminescent eyes, an old man laughing, a young girl crying, an Indian inside a pueblo praying over a dying boy bleeding through his nostrils, a daft man on rollerskates, and a crone in a purple shroud reaching her old withered hand to me...the whole of humanity dancing naked amongst the gods and godessess of the storm. The message I was being given was don’t worry, you are with me, you can and will get over anything, there is nothing you cannot handle. of certain celestial Buddhas in Tibetan thangka paintings), After opening my eyes again, which made visible a combination of floating, neon shapes and steady vibrations, I felt a large purge in my chest. Wow, it's a really strong experience... and this room... rainbow colors. first doses, especially the third one, and I thought, "Oh God, am I going to

Immediately my pulse & heart rate sped up, as did the timbre of my entire level of energetic vibration. When I finally emerged into this vast new world, it felt like I was looking down at our universe.

It hurt. He claims that during that time, the normal spray of colors he would see on DMT

I love it! The colors were intense and came in a magnificent variety of colors: metallics, monochromes, pastels, each flickering in and out of existence as if obeying some undetected ordering principle. They I left from my body into a dimensional time-warp, and in this constant dimension shift I saw thousands of entities bursting out, welcoming me and sharing in the beauty of life, a song of glory. Beyond all of this, I mulled over the old litany of questions anybody I had been drinking and I didn't feel it would be good to smoke under the influence of alcohol, but I let two incredibly curious friends talk me into it. never gave up. I don't know, but I definitely felt that psychedelic profoundness in an exponential way. but did not really believe it. I feel recharged and energized, content and relaxed, my mind wide open, vibrating on a higher frequency it seems. I dunno if I broke through but I got the distinct feeling that just a bit more and I'd be somewhere I wasn't prepared for yet.
I think something's gone very wrong. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I could not recall how I had gotten there, or what I really was. . to be masks. Its eyes were like those of a predatory bird: cold, unblinking, acute, and above all, merciless. It was a very symetrical, fractal image. I feel a piece of me is still THERE. And I don't remember when or how, but I was "there" surrounded by people. I didn't know if I would survive.

I look over at my fish tank and there is a gel-like substance flowing all over the glass.

the spirit world, overshot my destination and ended up on another planet.

SWIM had the realization that he and his best friend were connected in some way other than on this plane of existence. I JUST OVERDOSED ON SOME EXOTIC DRUG, AND NOW I AM DYING!!!!

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