dmvpn interview questions

In Phase 1, hub is the next hop.Thus, spokes have to have a reachability to the tunnel addresses of each other.This disallows the summarization or default routing from Hub down to the spokes.This is a serious design limitation for the large scale DMVPN networks.For the distance vector protocols, Split horizon needs to be disabled and “no next-hop self” should be enabled on the HUB.These are serious design limitations for the link state protocols that I will explain later in this post.Spokes don’t have to have the next hop of each other’s private address for the local subnets. network behind the Spoke 2, has a next hop as HUB in the routing table of Spoke1.An NHRP redirect message is sent to the spokes to trigger spoke to spoke tunnels. Question 8: What is the protocol used by MPLS? According to research CCNP has a salary range from $36,000 to $194,000. A link refers to the connectivity between two devices. What is eigrp? IPsec VTIs simplify configuration of IPsec for protection of remote links, support multicast, and simplify network management and load balancing.The command “ip nhrp map multicast dynamic” should be only used on Hub router, not spoke. Copyright © 2020 I-Medita Learning Solutions. At what layer IPsec works? Question 1: What is MPLS? DMVPN question Hi community, I need some advise on DMVPN question.

From this website?I had the exam on 30/8/17 failed 700 points. Question 4: What are the applications of MPLS? Here you should start answering by introducing MPLS. this site needs to be updated.Which two phases of DMVPN allow the spoke site to create dynamic tunnels to one other?

Q1. 2. Explanation. Spokes can trigger on demand tunnel between them.The biggest disadvantage of Phase 2 is, each spoke has to have all the Remote – LAN subnets of each other since the Hub, preserves the next hop of spokes.In the topology above, for the network behind the Spoke 2, Spoke 1 has the tunnel interface (Private-Overlay) address of Spoke 2 as a next hop. 2) … (Choose two)in it’me v1.3 dump, the answer is BC, but somewhere is DE, which is correct ?Hi guys, I have the valid dump with me and I’m wiling to share. Ans: OSPF is a standardized Link-State routing protocol, designed to scale efficiently to supportlarger networks. This article serves as an introduction to the Cisco Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) service. It is in a quiescent state (QM) -> Answers A, C, D are incorrect so answer B is the only suitable answer left.The DMVPN is comprised of IPsec/GRE tunnels that connect branch offices to the data center.

What is GRE in PPTP? The Hub can only send default route as well ,since the remote spokes next hop is not preserved by the Hub.Hub changes the IGP next hop to itself hence spoke to spoke traffic passes through the Hub.Spoke to spoke tunnel cannot be created in DMVPN Phase 1.In the topology above, for the network behind Spoke 2, next hop is the tunnel IP of the HUB in the routing table of Spoke 1, not the tunnel IP of the Spoke 2.Thus, the data plane traffic always passes through Spoke 1 – Hub – Spoke 2 with this topology in DMVPN Phase 1.You may want to bring all the traffic to your centralised place where all your security devices are located.You can filter unwanted traffic between the spokes first.After you create a DMVPN network, spoke to spoke communication, or a centralised shared services devices will be reachable through the Hub and traffic can be filtered before reaching the destinations.Spokes can use their local router for Internet traffic. Type “dynamic” means NBMA address was obtained from NHRP Request packet whilw type “static” means NBMA address is statically configured. Some questions come up time and time again — usually about you, your experience and the job itself. It resolves private addresses (those behind mGRE and optionally IPSEC) to a public address. How ESP & AH provides anti-replay protection? One mGRE can handle multiple GRE tunnels at the other ends. +918750004411 +918750004411 [email protected] About Us ; Register for Demo; Contact Us; Blog; Classroom Courses. Unlike classic GRE tunnels, the tunnel destination for a mGRE tunnel does not have to be configured; and all tunnels on Spokes connecting to mGRE interface of the Hub can use the same subnet.mGRE tunnel is treated as a non-broadcast multi-access (NBMA) environment.

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