do blue heelers like to cuddle

Blue Heelers are energetic yet obedient dogs that are known to cautious and protective.

Proper training should be all that’s needed.I don like hitting. This is mostly due to the fact that they are working dogs by nature, with a lot of energy. They are also very friendly and loving companions.Some Blue Heelers may be a little wary of strangers, but that’s not the case with people that they are familiar with, know and trust. Early Heritage of Blue Heelers. Each activity will also tire your dog and make them use up more of their energy; leading to a higher chance and desire to rest up.If you do not get your Blue Heeler when they are are a puppy, it will be more of a challenge to promote cuddling. As mentioned, this breed needs plenty of activity, or boredom may set in along with destructive behavior. !how are they for being outside in winter? He is just 12 years old and I do hope he makes it to 15.I have had two heelers born white with spots although they were both Texas Heelers ( Blue Heeler x Australian Shepherd). I just love my Charlie boy and cannot imagine life without him.My sister just recently got a blue heeler and brought her over for dog sitting. Anti-itch shampoos never worked. Sometimes their herding instincts can suddenly come into play. For more about This includes children who may be visiting your kids. It is a herding dog that had been developed in Australia to control cattle. The vet bill for the great dane was around $300.00 to sew one of his ears back on that my blue heeler bit off. It is not a breed thing but a training thingYes……they will try to kill any dog or animal they attack. Blue heelers are a very faithful and doting dog for their masters.

She trains us so easily..haha. He was never aggressive towards anyone but my wife’s uncle he just didn’t like him . She whimpers and whines as she meets them on the road, wanting to play with them. I had a full blood Red Merle Australian Sheppard for 13yrs. If go to the bathroom she is right there guarding the door. Hence, they

HAHAHAThis article is mostly right for my bluey Gemma, she’s a 9 year old female from Queensland, Australia. When it’s his “time”, it’s going to be very rough.

But do they like to cuddle up with their owners? A calmer dog than a Blue Heeler for sure. Elliot was dedicated to producing a breed that was an excellent working dog, and crossed Dingos with Collie mixes to create the Blue Heeler, which gets its name based on its cattle herding abilities.Further developing the Cattle Dog breed was continued on by brothers Jack and Harry Bagust, of Canterbury, Australia, who crossed a female Blue Heeler with a Dalmatian, says Santiago.

She won’t replace my Aussie but I know they are a lot alike breed wise and I think that’s why I got her. They are typically one-person dogs. You must always be aware of their herding drive and nipping and should supervise when around young children.So as long as you have the time and energy to cater to their needs they will be amazing pets and family members. Blue Heelers do not necessarily like like to cuddle. To continue the tradition of hardworking Blue Heelers, the Bagusts crossed the breed with a Tan Kelpie—a type of Sheepdog.The Blue Heeler has striking marks unlike any other dog. It is crucial to correct any signs of controlling or herding behavior.Blue Heelers can very protective of the people they know and their family.

It’s almost like Mona selected her successor.How are blue heelers with a cat existing in the home already?

She sleeps next to me in bed with her bottom pushed into my armpit. She is very very loyal to myself and my boyfriend. They are also called Australian Heelers, Queensland Heelers and Australian Cattle Dogs.

We just had to put her down about 2 months ago. They catch on fast, vary fast. Super intelligent and extremely protective. Would kill varmints and go toe to toe with Coyotes.

Looking forward to the future with her.I just adopted a Jack Russell/Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) mix from the Humane Society. Shes amazing off leash.

He loves playing fetch – but he tends to overwork his left hind leg and ends up limping if we play too long – so I limit our fetch time to 20-30 minutes. Sometimes they may need a break from the relentless attention of a toddler.Older children are much more aware and mindful of a dog’s needs and body language. She walks every step with me, yup, sitting there right now waiting for me to get up.I KNOW they are smarter than probably all politicians! Like any dog, their paws are sensitive so they can get frostbite or burns from hot pavement. I have to say, he is currently getting CBD oil, as he does have a hip issue, and it is working wonders for him. They will accept other dogs and in fact need to social interaction, but you have to introduce them gradually and I muzzle my dog when I am getting him used to other dogs. They are also less erratic in their movements. Also remember: Keep your Blue Heeler on a leash.

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