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Grady was given probation – he was told to leave the state and never return. It’s not surprising that a few stuck up for Grady, even if he had been “satan himself”. Chris Wyant was found guilty of 2nd degree murder and sentenced to 27 years. The boy was normal-size, round-faced and pudgy.

Grady Franklin Stiles Jr. (June 26, 1937 – November 29, 1992) was an American freak show performer and murderer. He married twice and had four children. The Lobster Boy – Grady Stiles Jr. An article by Emily Thompson 15th November 2017 • 5 min read. ‘We’re going to be more stubborn this time,’ he says.For 10 years, downtown L.A. was booming with a youthful, renegade vibe. Ectrodactyly is a genetic condition in which a person’s fingers and/or toes are fused together. The Stiles family was suffering for a peculiar physical condition known as Ectrodactyly, which is a rare congenital deformity that makes the hand look like lobster claws as the middle fingers are either missing or seemingly fused to the thumb or pinky finger. Only two things can grab her attention – Books and cats! She and Harry, her son from her second marriage, paid a 17 year old sideshow star named Chris $1,500 to attack Grady. Harry Glen Newman was charged with first degree murder and given a life sentence with the possibility of parole after 25 years. It was at this moment that Teresa decided that she wouldn’t take it anymore. The night before the wedding, Stiles picked up a shotgun and murdered his to-be-son-in-law.The media went into a frenzy. In addition, his anger had no limits and he would easily choke people with his claws.

Other articles I found stated Grady had been so intensely hated that not a single person would agree to be the man’s pall bearer!Donations will go towards keeping this site running, and purchasing what I need to get that YouTube/patreon off the ground.
This did not go down well with her daddy. It was the only life Stiles ever knew.And this was all the public would know of him until a cold November night two years ago when his wife arranged to have him killed.It was a case of kill or be killed, she said, the only way to put an end to his drunken beatings and threats, to protect herself and her daughter and stepson, both born with the same deformities.So one night while Lobster Boy watched television in their trailer in Gibsonton, a ragged community south of Tampa for an aging collection of carnival folk, his wife slipped out for a quick visit with relatives nearby.“Hurry back,” Stiles called to her, sitting there in his underwear, drinking a glass of iced tea.With that, a hit man who had been paid $1,500 crept out of a back room where he had been hiding and fired two .32-caliber bullets into the 55-year-old carnival attraction’s brain.He was buried in a showman’s cemetery. Because of all this, Donna never spoke to her father again.Stiles remarried his first wife, Mary, and also quit drinking. You could say that this was abusive in and of itself, but Grady was an absolutely miserable human being and his family was put through hell.Grady was a sadistic alcoholic who thoroughly enjoyed physically and emotionally torturing everyone he encountered, but especially those closest to him. Harry, considered to be the mastermind, was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life-imprisonment. When she was 15, Donna met an 18 year old boy by the name of Jack Lane (some articles spell the name as Layne) and the couple had fallen desperately in love. We all know that a tiger doesn’t usually change his stripes; after he’d secured his first wife, Grady went right back to his old ways. The abuse, and the drinking, continued; Barbara had been beaten often, as a matter of fact it’s been said that every day the poor woman was seen with a brand new bruise. He not only used his wife as his very own personal punching bag, but at one point the children were forced to watch as daddy fed their beloved pet bunny to a snake! He became known far and wide as the Lobster Boy, and later as the Lobster Man; Grady would continue his work as a circus freak for nearly half a century.Grady had grown up in the terribly abusive spotlight, he’d been paid a good deal of money to let people gawk at him every day. Stiles took the children and moved to his hometown of Pittsburgh, where he married a woman named Barbara and had his namesake, Grady Stiles III. She said she had no alternative but to have him killed.“My husband was going to kill my family--I believe that from the bottom of my heart,” she told the judge through tears at her sentencing.But in this close-knit community of present and former carnival workers, which clings to the moniker “Showtown U.S.A.,” there is little sympathy for Stiles’ widow.Many knew and respected Lobster Boy. The man had been a such an overbearing control freak, and allowing his daughter to marry would’ve meant relinquishing some of that control. Because of this, Stiles performed under the stage name "Lobster Boy". On September 27th of 1978, the day right before the wedding, Donna and her stepmother had been out tying up loose ends before the wedding. Stiles almost ‘clawed’ his way out of the punishment and got a sympathy verdict of 15 years probation. Police had been called to the Stiles home countless times, but Grady would simply crawl up in his wheelchair and pretend to be helpless whenever the law would show up. The only thing admirable about Grady was his determination – the man had sorely lacked all compassion; there’s no two ways about it, Grady Stiles had simply been a despicable human being.As a young man Grady took his first wife, Mary Teresa had not been a performer but she’d travelled with the circus; together this pair had a couple of kids. ... Grady’s daughter, Donna, fell in love and wanted to marry a young man by the name of Jack Lane, but her father greatly opposed. As far as Mary Teresa, it does appear that the court went easy on the 56 year old Mother; she was sentenced to serve 12 years for manslaughter but released as her sentence was appealed. At this time Chris shot the 55 year old man more than once in the back of the head as the “Lobster Man” sat watching television wearing nothing but his underwear.It did not take long for police to solve this little mystery; Chris, Teresa, and her son Harry were all tried for Grady’s murder.

The jury took about an hour to convict him of first-degree murder.

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