e3 spark plug cross reference

4 replacement spark plugs for E3 E320. Cross Reference Guides. Engage others and stay connected to thousands of race fans, car enthusiasts and everyday consumers. See cross reference chart for E3 E320 and more than 80.000 other spark plugs.

NGK Part Finder NOTE: Cross references … E3 Spark Plug Cross Reference for AC Delco, Autolite, Bosch, Champion, Denso, Motorcraft, NGK, and Splitfire spark plugs.

Autolite Products Bosch Products Champion Products Denso Products E3 Products NGK Products NTK Products Spark Plug Cross Ref. This converts more of the fuel to "work" producing the rotational energy and reduces the amount of unburned gases released during the engine's exhaust event.

E3 DiamondFIRE spark plugs are Born to Burn. For some engines, this allows an even greater improvement in power by reducing the valve overlap and intake charge losses through blow-through from the intake to exhaust valve.We've included technical information in this section for Torque Values and Plug Gapping requirements. Find the E3 replacement spark plugs for your car, truck, motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, lawnmower, small engine, jet ski or personal watercraft using our spark plug cross reference … As you browse, check out the E3 Tech Videos and Tech Bulletins for the latest online tech support.Find the E3 replacement spark plugs for your car, truck, motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, lawnmower, small engine, jet ski or personal watercraft using our spark plug cross reference guides.E3 automotive spark plugs used for personal, family or household purposes are warranted to be free of defects in material or workmanship, for five years or 100,000 miles from the date of purchase.Want to share information about the technical details of your project using E3 spark plugs?

The patented ground electrode produces a faster flame front and pressure rise. Combustion cycle analysis has shown that for optimum tuning, an E3 spark plug allows an engine designer to use a slightly earlier exhaust valve closing than a standard plug, if they choose. Spark Plug Cross Ref.

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