e60 550i ecu tune

I also read for the Dinan tune a K&N filter is required but I heared they are useless for us. Call them if you are interested. Parameters such as air/fuel ratio, ignition timing, shift points, and more, are all adjusted. For 600. With our Stage 1 calibration, you are able to gain improved performance on the engine. Thanks for all of the info.

ESS N63TÜ Stage 1 E-Flash Performance ECU Software 550+ HP / 560 lb-ft tq The E-Flash N63TÜ software is a full OBD2 solution that does not require sending in the ECU or opening the ECU in any way.
Great! $600.00.

Most of the mods for that car were prototyped on my SRT, I got free exhaust, tune, intake, springs and sway bars, even HIGHLY discounted brakes - the benefits of living in SOCal where all those companies are headquartered. You typically need to add 30+ HP before you can really feel the difference in the car. Dinan can suck it.

Maybe you might see a slight increase in fuel economy. VR Tuned ECU Flash Tune BMW M5 E60 E61 V10 06-10. VR Tuned ECU Flash Tune BMW 550i E60|E61 N62 05-10. SECTION 1 BMW 540i/ 545i/ 550i V8 Model Year: 2005 - 2010 Engine Code: N62B40 - N62B44 - N62B48TU FEATURES Stage ONE $695 +WHP +WTQ Speed limiter removed Improved throttle response HEX Tuning software is delivered as a proper "flash tune” meaning that the data area within the ECU which is responsible for the power ma Saturday-Sunday VR Tuned. Ask for matt, and tell him Cody referred you Model #VRT-E60-M5. HEX Tuning is designed as a "full flash" tune, meaning the entire data area of the ECU is reprogrammed to create and sustain more power. We are available for Live Chat Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm MST. This applies to any aftermarket product that does not display a CARB EO#. We can contact you via phone or email. Better part-throttle drivability is also obtained. $600.00. I don't know what trans you have (I have sports auto trans on my 550, which means I have paddle shifters). Thanks for all of the info. VF-Engineering is not responsible for trouble shooting, diagnostic costs or consequential cost. Dinan can suck it. Call them if you are interested. Performance ECU Tune for BMW … Thoughts on them? Dealer is responsible for providing product disclosures/terms and conditions to their consumers.Post installation of this product may require trouble shooting/diagnostics. It won't add power or torque; just make it easier to maintain your car and save you money over time. The purchaser/reseller assumes the risks of modifying a used vehicle and educating themselves on the common traits of their platform. 2014 535i - MSport, HUD, NAV, Prem, Surround View, Driver Assist 2014 535i - MSport, HUD, NAV, Prem, Surround View, Driver Assist Yeah, no real upgrades for the 550i to boost hp substantially unless you can invest $10K+ for a supercharger. Power ratings are subject to conditions and dynamometer model used.VF Engineering Inc. 1365 North Dynamics Street, Suite E Anaheim, California 92806Dealer/Consumer has educated and researched the pros and cons or modifying their vehicle with high performance parts such as superchargers. The BMW engine air filters (paper) run around the same cost. For OFF-ROAD use only ** For $600 they can send you a ecu tune that will give you 30 whp and 55tq. Model #VRT-550I-E6X-N62. ECU Tune for 2003-2010 BMW 5 Series E60 525, 528, 530 Product Description: Through custom ECU tuning we are able to provide more usable horsepower and torque outputs by modifying BMW’s dual variable cam timing (VANOS), drive by wire tables, and fuel and ignition maps. Each new application begins with dyno testing to measure and plot the factory power delivery in order to track the changes as we increase engine load values and enhance torque management to arrive at a smoother, more powerful driving experience! Audio: Jehnert Flatline speakers, Mobridge M1000 DA2 prepro, Helix P-DSP, Zapco Z-150.6 amp, CIC iDrive upgrade2012 LCI X5 5.0i Sport - Black Sapphire Metallic :thumbup:Idk if anyone is reading this, but there is a ecu tuning shop in Connecticut, called amr performance and they have ecu tunes for the 4.8 v8 in the 550i. "With great p Registered User ... called amr performance and they have ecu tunes for the 4.8 v8 in the 550i.

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