edmund fitzgerald crewman body photo

I'm from Michigan, so that's kinda natural. 40 years ago today, in her 17th year and 40th voyage, the ore freighter It sank 17 miles from Whitefish Point on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, an area that has claimed at least 240 ships.The wreck was discovered using a side scan sonar and other equipment four days later at a depth of 530 feet. They found the Edmund Fitzgerald lying in two large pieces. and there was a follow-up post by somebody claiming to know Fred Shannon and gave information on where to find the video. Can someone please tell me the truth to the story and if you know do you think the crewman is still down there because of the coolness and freshness of the lake? Whether the body is recognizable or not makes no difference to Cheryl Rozman of Gwinn, whose father, Ransom ``Ray″ Cundy, was a watchman aboard the Fitzgerald. ``I didn’t put any human remains down there and I didn’t sink the Edmund Fitzgerald,″ Shannon said. Not if the skin and clothes but just bones or clothes or something?I've heard that they did discover remains, but I don't recall reading any specifics about it.Out of respect for the family, not much was publicly released about it.If the remains look like what I said they looked like, do you think they are still down there.there is a video of a 1983 dive to the wreck where grave robbers are seen pulling a wedding wing off a finger, lifting a leg and holding a skullFor the record, there's a body in a shipwreck from the 1920s in Lake Superior as well. ``We computer-enhanced or varied the images to show what we want people to see, yet protected the identity of the human remains,″ Shannon said. Edmund fitzgerald body found picture. Edmund Fitzgerald Crewman Discovered. As far as the body still being there, I'm sure it is. I lived in that area at the time. However the crew entombed in the stern section of the ship are likely to be much better preserved assuming they are in a sealed compartment free of currents, oxygen, and wildlife. What would be the point of hauling it back to the surface?To identify who it is and give closure to his family.Family members do not want the body recovered. I guess the internet is good for something. When the U.S. Coast Guard surveyed the Edmund Fitzgerald's wreck site in 1976, it used a U.S. Navy submersible to get video of the ship's two halves on the lake bottom, covered in mud. Not much money went into water transportation safety.The wreck was later “surveyed” (limited though it was by the technology of the day) by the CURV3 unit, on loan from the US Navy. Saved by ShellBell. See more ideas about Edmund fitzgerald, Great lakes ships and Great lakes. The primary objective was to record a 3D videotape for use in museums, educational programs, and promotional videos.In 1994, diver Fred Shannon and organized a privately funded dive.

Image of the Edmund Fitzgerald shipwreck. Don’t you think they probably have enough nightmares?Gordon Lightfoot wrote the lyrics and music, when he heard about the wreck and was moved to commemorate those who died.I’m a bit confused. He settled in Port Huron in the 1830's and became one of its most well-known citizens.

The wreck and the bodies were discovered but they were never brought up. The next day the SS Edmund Fitzgerald was caught in a tempest. I see nothing. Might just be a boot or it might be a boot being worn by someone.Also, one of my worst fears is to see a dead man on a wreck, I know, decomposing corpses and water along with some fish and currents make some good nightmares.Ask a Mortician on YouTube did an awesome video on the Edmund and explained about the bodies and things. The remains of the crew were never recovered.Legend says that Lake Superior seldom gives up her dead. She was only 17 miles from Whitefish Bay.Her crew of 29 sailors did not survive. The remains of the crew have never been recovered. James Cairns, deputy chief coroner for the Canadian province of Ontario, said he saw the videotape while investigating Shannon’s discovery last year. Why does anyone think a dead mangled body would give anyone closure?

At that point it’s an investigation and you don’t rush an investigation( of course unless there is pressure to save lives) .And the ship, unfortunately, wasn’t going anywhere at that point. I read the family was upset because the video showed their dead family member.This song has always fascinated me. Even if the face were shown, Cairns said, ``there is no way you could identify this individual″ without retrieving the body and performing scientific tests. Home; Detroit; News; Wayne; Oakland; Macomb; Michigan; USA TODAY; Education; Investigations See more ideas about Edmund fitzgerald, Great lakes ships, Great lakes. The body is believed to be one of the 29 crew members who perished when the Fitzgerald sank in a violent storm on Nov. 10, 1975, said Fred Shannon, a … The storm boasted hurricane-force winds and waves up to 35 feet high. Feb 8, 2020 - Explore David C.'s board "Edmund Fitzgerald" on Pinterest.

In retrospect, the slide-guitar part probably did it.why did take almost 4 days to set up the side scan sonar?Did you read the part about there being a monster storm going on?And it wasn’t a rescue mission at that point so why the rush. I haven't heard this one. Usually, bacteria will feed on a decaying body underwater and create gas, which causes the body to float back to the surface. Edmund Fitzgerald Crewman Discovered. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsCookies help us deliver our Services. I remember hearing the Gordon Lightfoot ballad as a kid in the car , riding with my dad and it basically scaring the $@it out of me for some reason. Jan 14, 2019 - Explore jillplatz's board "EDMUND FITZGERALD", followed by 453 people on Pinterest.

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