elatior begonia sun or shade

Begonias do best when they get this sunlight in the morning and late afternoon, with shelter from the most intense mid-day sunlight. La begonia elatior è un pianta annuale dai fiori molti grandi intensamente colorati di rosso, giallo, arancione, rosa, bianco, ecc. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

The values of the other numbers are not important for begonias. Sono piante anche per balcone e per giardino ma soffrono il freddo, quindi è consigliabile tenere la pianta al riparo in casa o davanti ad un finestra durante il periodo invernale.Terreno: prevalentemente ricco di sostante organiche e misto a sabbia e terriccio.Irrigazioni: moderate ma frequenti, nella fase di fine fioritura diminuire l’intensità idrica. Most will tolerate full shade (no direct or filtered sun), but won’t be as dense and usually have A few grow in full sun. If you amend the soil with well-rotted manure before planting begonias in the spring, they won't need supplemental fertilizer. Apply fertilizers with 5 percent nitrogen at a rate of 1/2 pound per 25 square feet every month during the growing season. Begonias may have single or double flowers. "Dragon Wing Red" begonia (Begonia "Bepared") grows best in full sun to part shade, and prefers some afternoon shade in warm climates. offer dazzling blooms from sunny borders to shady corners -- with some begonias grown solely for their striking foliage. Plant my begonia elatior You must have a slightly sunny indoor location, or semi shade.

Be careful, the scorching sun damages the leaves. Her experience covers a variety of topics, including gardening, landscaping and lawn care equipment. Though typically recommended as shade plants, several begonia varieties (Several of the begonia varieties with wing-shaped leaves are also very sun-tolerant. La bellezza e la grandezza del fiore sono le caratteriste principali che permettono a questa pianta di essere utilizzata come ornamento all’interno di un appartamento. "Dragon Wing Red" begonia (In gardening, the term "full sun" refers to locations where plants receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight every day. Wax begonia plants grow and bloom best under full sun, though at times you might be required to provide some shade from the hot afternoon sun especially if you live in the more tropical (Southern) areas of the country.

Most begonias grow best in part shade (4 to 6 hours of direct morning sun a day), or filtered sun (as through trees). Begonias prefer moist, well-drained soil rich in organic matter. In nutrient-poor soils, use an all-purpose plant food that contains 5 or 10 percent nitrogen. La begonia elatior è un pianta annuale dai fiori molti grandi intensamente colorati di rosso, giallo, arancione, rosa, bianco, ecc. She has been gardening for as long as she can remember, and writing about garden and lawn care since 2012. The bronze-leaved wax begonias are the begonia varieties most likely to thrive in hot sunlight without afternoon shade.Keeping begonias healthy by providing good growing conditions helps them survive stressful conditions like hot, intense sunlight. Not to be outdone, begonias (Begonia spp.) For fertilizers with 10 percent nitrogen, apply 1/4 pound per 25 square feet.After graduating from The Ohio State University, Marissa Baker turned her attention to professional writing. This means that the first number in the fertilizer's N-P-K ratio will be 5 or 10. So long as the soil is fertile, begonias need little fertilization. Le foglie sono carnose di colore verde scuro, lo stelo eretto e rigido dove si formano gruppi di fiori che fioriscono uno dopo l’altro. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Plant in a pot whose volume corresponds to the foliage volume of your plant, or even bigger. Le foglie sono carnose di colore verde scuro, lo stelo eretto e rigido dove si formano gruppi di fiori che fioriscono uno dopo l’altro. Common begonia groups all flourish in part-shade locations, receiving 4 to 6 hours of daily shade, but some begonias swing toward sun or shade more easily than others.

Begonias in the "Big Series" (Begonia x benariensis Big Series) are slightly less sun tolerant, preferring dappled sunlight throughout the day, though they will grow in full sun.

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