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TryHardNinja Lyrics "Five Nights At Freddy's 4 Song" There is a legend A legend born long ago About a wicked A wicked man no one knows Went and unraveled Six innocent little souls The souls found bodies The bodies started to move Some say they still walk

Good I really like it a lot. In one of the mini games in FNAF4 we see purple guy putting on a Freddy mask on the employee. +

In the game the animatronics think he is an endoscelliton so they stuff him in a Freddy Fazbear suit am he dies and he becomes Golden Freddy.


Add to library 4 Discussion 17. But why is the child scared of purple guy if there is no murder actually happening? It is horrible that first Bonnie came and gave me a very bad shriek because when I opened the cameras Bonnie came into the camera's face I was so freaked out but, then I suddenly found out that he was not doing anything. Tryhardninja: Follow Me. I am 11 and this song is so catchy. Guess the fnaf songs :) Add to library 3 Discussion 4.

Make sure you've read our simple My theory is when the lost souls of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza are surprised to see a new security guard. My replacement is blue!

+ My theory is when the lost souls of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza are surprised to see a new security... We're poor little souls, who have lost all control and we're forced here to take that role.

Survive The Night - Fnaf .. 6.

So the 4 games and Scott Cawthon who is the creator of the game shows that the whole series is a dream. I think the meaning of the second verse is the lost souls tell him to leave the pizzeria and their surprised that he came back.

Is it not letting your videos play? Well, the song is still incredibly catchy and good. I really like it a lot. Stay Calm; 4. ṃıʟʟıѧṅṅѧ. FNAF Songs (lyrics) Survive The Night. Know what this song is about?

My friends are addicted to this game. This one is my favourite! Original lyrics of Five Nights At Freddy's Song song by The Living Tombstone. + After all you've only got," that proves that either way you would pretty much die. The victim of the bite of 87 who is also a child imagines every piece of this story because he doesn't have a frontal lobe. Not bad This made me hate animatronic things like at Chucky Cheese, for life.

When they say it's like he's been here before he might have been in the pizzaria at the time of the children's death and he has return to see the old place after in shut down and reopened in 1994.

Comment and share your favourite lyrics. Join Us For A Bite - Fnaf.. 3. I wanted you to see the actual video) Verse 1 He's been waiting, abandoned and patient, so long (long) A savage masked ghost story from the past he roams (roams) In the song they said "we remember a face like yours" because back on the days before the bite of 87 occurred a guy known as purple guy tried to murder 5 children and after the murder the 5th child managed to survive but other 4 child's died and been put at the animatronics but the 4 child tried to hunt down purple guy so purple guy ran inside the body of spring Bonnie and he was not hunted but he made a big mistake in going inside spring Bonnie because of the suits oldness the suit that purple guy hid in broke and he was struck with metal then after bite of 87 happened the restaurant was closed then 30 years have past and 5th child found the job at the pizzeria so the 4 animatronics tries to reach him like their asking help but the 5th child was supposed to be golden Freddy then on the game "FNAF 3" spring trap is finishing what he has started (the devils work) that's why every time the night guard sees golden Freddy and turn into hallucinations because he was supposed to be golden Freddy. Goodbye. I watched that song on YouTube multiple times because I liked that song very much. So, hopefully that’ll make the quiz a little bit harder.) + interesting and valuable. Believe it or not, I'm not a teenager yet. Survive The Night. contributions.

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