fnaf ultimate fright song

<3Ultimate Fright reminds me of "can't let them leave"Man we need more music people like you. Your so Amazing at making songs! my fav Fnaf song besides follow you, turmoil, and darkest desire! Thank you! This song is tied for first with drawn to the bitter for my fav fnaf song. Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? Stream FNAF ~ The Ultimate Fright (SONG) by DHeusta from desktop or your mobile device

My favorite fnaf character is spring bonnie and glitchtrapI like how it gets soft and then BOOM techinal musicI’m pretty sure about 2k or more of these plays are from meWhats your favorite fnaf character mine is william/ glitchtrapDehusta this is probably one of your best songs on fnaf im my persanol opinion its fire bro@whatdoilookliketoaclown: haha Thank you so muuuuch!! @luca-daltrini: Oh my that means so much!!

Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud. Love it so much@galexy-the-animal: Thank you!! :D. 2020-06-30T23:45:37Z Comment by Some Fnaf person. (this is the best)This is my favorite FNaF song besides Labyrinth, Its very good! @galexy-the-animal: Thank you!! 2020-07-02T16:55:56Z Comment by DHeusta. That means so much to me!! :Dmy fav Fnaf song besides follow you, turmoil, and darkest desire! That means so much to me!! Infact you actually inspire me! !This song is tied for first with drawn to the bitter for my fav fnaf song. Love it so much.

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