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Some speculated that she committed suicide while others said that she died from pneumonia.However, we came to know that Francine Valli’s actual cause of death was a drug overdose. He has been a strong supporter of the National Italian American Foundation. During the time, she was yet to start her career in music and wanted to become a singer like her father. He is currently 85 years old and will turn 86 on 3rd May. His daughter died from complications after taking the mixture of Quaaludes (a sedative and hypnotic medication) and alcohol.Unfortunately, we are unable to find her official obituary. Her older sister, Antonia Valli, resides together with her family until 1997 and then moved to her grandparent’s house in New Jersey.At the time, her sister was dating an unidentified guy and later went to marry Four Season’s band membersThankfully, despite all these tragedies, Francine Valli’s father is still alive and healthy.

Born to musician father, she already became a celebrity.Before her death, she was attending college, but the name of the university and faculty have not revealed. He worked really hard to achieve what he has achieved. Perhaps it is better that way because bringing it to the limelight would open old wounds. Francine Castelluccio (Valli) was the daughter to the legendary singer Frankie and the late Mary Delgado Vallie. They had 3 sons, but still their marriage ended in a separation in 2004.In 1970, his stepdaughter, Celia, was killed when she fell from a fire escape. Among his biggest hit include Sherry, Big Girls Don’t Cry and Can’t Take My Eyes Off You. It was several years ago when she died, but he still felt the tragedy many years later. It was revealed by her other daughter that Francine’s death stayed with him forever. Frankie and Mary got divorced after 17 years of marriage.Francine was born to an American singer and actor, Frankie Valli, and first wife Marry Mandel in 1960, although her date of birth is still not known. She looked out of her NY apartment and tried to get out through the fire escape and fell. He was already 74 at that time. In fact, he experienced tremendous disasters after losing her stepdaughter and one of her daughters just 6 months apart from each other. Years after Frankie Valli started his career as a singer, his star still shone brightly. When Francine died, the family was still grieving from the death of Celia. Who knows the legendary singer would lose his daughter like that, not even in a dream.Six months earlier, Francie lost her oldest sister, Celia Sabin Selleck, who was born to her mother’s previous marriage.
They had 2 daughters and divorced 13 years later. They even sent her to the rehab center. So, we can say she hadn’t earned a fortune for herself.On the other hand, the Four Season lead vocalist has an amassed Frankie Valli is the lead vocalist of The Four Seasons who had hits like Sherry, Who Loves You and Working My Back to You. In what was seemingly a surprise, he was the only one who reached concert grosses in the Billboard chat, toppling down huge music stars like Jay-Z, the Jonas Brothers and Mary J. Blige. Her birth name was Francine Castelluccio. He was also a fan of sale racks at local shopping stores. How did Frankie’s youngest daughter die?Caption:- Picture of Francine Valli with her father and siblingsHere, we bring the facts that you need to know about Frankie’s daughter, Francine Valli.Francine Valli was the youngest daughter of the former couple Frankie Valli and Mary Mandel. The exact date and month of her birth is unknown and bringing it up now would just be opening old wounds. He still performs with Four seasons all around the country and worldwide.In January, they performed for the first time in Colorado in their career, along with a bunch of other states. Frankie Valli’s daughter, Francine, was killed due to drug overdose after her daughter Celia, slipped off a fire exit.Putting his tragic life aside, Frankie’s career was actually a great one. Besides the performances of Frankie and The Four Season’s hit recordings, it featured a biographical narrative by the band members (Tommy DeVito, Nick Massi, Bob Gaudio, and Frankie Valli) along with Valli that portrayed by John Lloyd Young.Caption:- Jersey Boys performances of Frankie and The Four Season’s hit recordingsThe musical show is based on some real-life incidents from Frankie’s life, including his late daughter Francine who died at the age of 20. Further, it is reported that her parents were aware of her drug addiction and attempted to keep her away from it.
However, she recorded a few songs but never released them. Decades following the peak of his career, he was supposed lie low and call his music career over. If it means one thing, Frankie managed to have cemented his name in the industry. She had sung a few songs like ‘I Try,’ ‘Street Life,’ and ‘Midnight At The Oasis.’Back in 2005, the musical Jersey Boys opened on Broadway. However, you can find online audio recordings of her. Frankie Valli is a singer who shattered the Billboard charts multiple times through the late 20th Century. He is known for his unusually powerful lead falsetto voice. His first marriage was with Mary Mandel who already had a 20-year old daughter.

The marriage lasted for 8 years. The name of the child was Celia Valli. Frankie is not just healthy but fairly active in his career. Frankie Valli Personal Life: Affair, Dating, Girlfriend, Wife, Family & Children When her parents got married, Celia was only two and a half years old.Celia died after she fell off a fire escape. After gaining massive success, he later began as a solo artist and released a single ‘Outside of Music, he tried his hand in the film industry. His first union was to a woman named Mary, who already had a daughter from her previous relationship.

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