from hate to love kdrama

:two_hearts: the actors and actress here totally rocked it - their portrayals are so freaking awesome that they can make me laugh one second and cry like a baby the next! and they fall in love, of course. I CAN'T EVEN. I have rematched it so many times. Raine0211 is a lover of all things Korean, especially K-pop, K-drama, and Korean food. :joy: :wave: the guy falls for the girl first after being intrigued by her 'difference' from other girls. a love triangle (with another doctor) makes the main guy realize his feelings still exist for the girl, and gets into a slightly-possesive-highly-jealous mode when he regrets what he once let go of.

FEELS. :two_hearts: here, the main guy fakes a relationship with the girl to get out of his controlling mom who wants to set up him up in a marriage; along the way, the guy falls for the girl, who is interested in someone else but then starts to realize her true feelings as well. :heartbeat: :dancer: :clap: :two_hearts: :tada: that's all for my first top 5, i hope you enjoyed my list and hopefully one of these k-dramas could become your fave as well!

:relieved: :see_no_evil: so then, i thought up five k-dramas that does the best hate-to-love relationship i've ever watched. :sun_with_face: :sparkles: This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. But cute and romantic is not how one would describe South Korean Prince Lee Jae Ha ( THE. Sometimes the realization comes in a lightning bolt of attraction, but most of the time the two love birds involved are ensnared by their emotions without their conscious realization. SQUEE! It is so deliciously satisfying watching a couple who fuss and fight like dogs slowly realize what was in front of them all along. :tada: :tada: :confetti_ball: out of this whole bunch, this is my favorite hate-to-love kdrama. :flushed: :grin: honestly, this k-drama gives me ALL. I too love queen of the game.

she hates him intensely. this is the stuff of pure romance in k-dramaland, so obviously we get to see a lot of drama between our couple before they finally get to the loving part. JJM is love love and LBY is great even if there is much makjang plot in it.

:ok_woman: :ghost: :two_hearts: this i-hate-you-wait-i-actually-love-you-now romance story has a little twist: they were married once.

)this k-drama has a perfect romance imo: the guy falls for the girl first and her intense hate and annoyance melts into an adorable love story. Jobs are competitive and so therefore are people, which is the situation in which our two enemies-turned-lovers, Choi Kang Soo (“The King 2 Hearts” is, in some ways, the epitome of enemies-turned-lovers, a grand version of forbidden love as feelings bridge the geo-political divide of North and South Korea. It is often confessed to be a Born of a misunderstanding between leads Noh Ji Wook (Probably the most famous enemies-to-lovers relationships is the one in “Full House” starring Logic versus superstition is the name of the game in “Lucky Romance,” and the two diametrically opposed belief systems manifest in equally different people who initially dislike each other. :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:

Shim Bo Nui (Once upon a time there was man who took the blame for his girlfriend’s accidental murder and was left to rot in jail. He subsequently sought revenge and met a woman who that revenge would hurt. That man was Kang Ma Roo (With an allergy to people that has cultivated a rather insufferable attitude, Kim Min Gyu (Not even a huge bout of K-dramatic amnesia can stop the two enemies-to-love-birds from fighting in “Couple Fantasy,” one of the oldest dramas on the list and one of the strongest examples. Read our this poster is so cheesy though :joy: :sweat_smile: i wish i looked THAT good in uniforms :information_desk_person: MY HEART.

the guy is cold, indifferent and seemingly uncaring (which, idk why, is my favorite sort of character :grin: ), and the girl is head over heels for him. he starts to notice and falls for her when she withdraws away from him (which, idk why again, is such a satisfying plot story for me :see_no_evil: ).it's set in a school-college setting, and the actress here is so good at portraying her character; it makes me nostalgic of all my high school crushes heehee! :information_desk_person: :raised_hands: When she’s not writing for Soompi, she’s playing the cello and singing.

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