frozen planet on thin ice

Beneath the snow lies a magical world of winter survivors. Duration: 04:00 Breaking the ice. Finally, the female Adelie penguins arrive, chased from the water by killer whales. The ultimate portrait of the Polar regions - the last great wildernesses on the planet.

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Narrated by David Attenborough and from the award-winning team behind Planet Earth comes the ultimate portrait of the earth's Polar Regions. Frozen Planet Official Site. The Arctic and Antarctic remain the greatest wildernesses on Earth. Inland, the tundra undergoes a dramatic transformation from green to fiery red. Most people enjoy a nice warm day, but it's getting downright dangerous on the North and South Poles. Next stop is the giant Greenland ice cap where waterfalls plunge into the heart of the ice, and a colossal iceberg calves into the sea. Humpback whales join the largest gathering of seabirds on earth to feast in rich Alaskan waters. Polar bears gather in large numbers on the Arctic coast as they wait for the return of the ice. Could be used to support learning around polar ecosystems, climate change, animal adaptations or place specific study of Polar and Arctic regions.

Frozen Planet. And with good reason - a leopard seal explodes from the sea and pulls one from an ice floe – a hunting maneuver that has never been filmed before. Having survived winter, this ultimate ice family now have a head start in raising baby. Can cover a lesson or used as a stand-alone homework.

Today settlers are drawn to the Arctic by its abundant minerals: the Danish Armed Forces maintain their claim to Greenland’s mineral wealth with an epic dog sled patrol, covering 2000 miles through the winter. 2011 David Attenborough journeys to both polar regions to investigate what rising temperatures will mean for the people and wildlife that live there. Using extraordinary time-lapse photography, Meltdown is able to show how they are moving towards the sea – at an astonishing rate of 120 feet a day, almost fast enough to view with the naked eye.
The scale and beauty of the scenery and the sheer power of the elements – the weather, the ocean and the ice – is unmatched anywhere else on our planet. The polar bear is reliant on the sea ice, and without it, their future is seriously threatened, with some experts predicting that the species will not last to the end of this century.

When a parent returns from fishing, it leads its twins on a comical steeplechase – sadly there’s only enough for one so the winner gets the meal...Two months later and the chicks are fully feathered apart from downy Mohican hairdos - they’re ready to take their first swim…reluctantly – it seems penguins are not born with a love of water! Above, colossal balloons are launched into the purest air on earth to detect cosmic rays.The Poles are warming at up to five times faster than the rest of the Earth. The killers harass the minke whale, taking it in turns to wear it down. Episode 7 – On Thin Ice.

Inland, the frozen rivers start to break up and billions of tons of ice are swept downstream in the greatest of polar spectacles. For the rest of us, it means the planet will get warmer, as sea ice is important to reflect back the sun's energy. There are even bigger battles on the tundra; a herd of musk oxen gallop to the rescue as a calf is caught in a life and death struggle with a pair of Arctic wolves. The sun is back after 6 months of darkness.

Tes Global Ltd is But summer also brings surprises as a huge colony of 400,000 king penguins cope with an unlikely problem – heat. Above, the spectacular Northern lights can disrupt power supplies so scientists monitor it constantly, firing rockets into it to release a cloud of glowing smoke, 100 kilometers high. Captain Scott’s hut still stands as a memorial to these men.We reveal the extraordinary riches and wonders that have kept people coming to the Polar Regions for thousands of years.

Vast hordes of summer visitors cram a lifetime of drama into one long, magical day; they must feed, fight and rear their young in this brief window of plenty. Some bears save energy by dozing on icy sun beds while others go egg-collecting in an arctic tern colony, braving bombardment by sharp beaks. When an unguarded chick is snatched, a dramatic aerobatic ‘dogfight’ ensues.On the Island of South Georgia, a bull fur seal is prepared to fight to the death with a rival. The hunters face daily dangers attempting to hunt prey on ice that is too thin, buildings can topple due to melting permafrost and coastal villages could be washed away as the absence of sea ice exposes them to the full fury of the winter storms.The Poles are warming at up to five times faster than the rest of the Earth. Elephant seals fight furious battles over females on a beach that contains the greatest mass of animals on the planet.

Fur flies as the little pups struggle desperately to keep out of the way of the dueling giants. Arctic forests transform into a wonderland of frost and snow - scene to a desperate and bloody battle between wolf and bison, but also where a remarkable alliance between raven and wolverine is made.
Finally, comical Adelie penguins waddle back to their half a million strong colony. Midwinter and a male polar bear wanders alone across the dark, empty icescape.

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