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And especially during the winter months in Canada – the frozen vegetables (frozen at peak ripeness) are a healthier and cheaper option.Read the label for no sugar added and do your best to avoid the ones with chocolate. But I always but the Salmon (lox) because it is Norwegian and amazing. I have that speaker as well! See more ideas about No carb diets, Food, Recipes. Costco is a great treasure for those that shop there.

Oats (steel cut and regular) are a must for me for breakfasts and baked goods (pulse in a blender for a few secs to make oat flour and use instead of wheat flour if you want gluten free baked goods)A lot of people tend to use olive oil as the default for everything but you want to diversify all your foods for the broadest spectrum of nutrients. Kefir is a fermented dairy drink (tastes like thin yogurt) and one of the most powerful probiotic sources you can get.I use it as a smoothie base and also buy a flavoured version to give the kids as an after school snack (for me the sugar is worth getting all that good stuff into them).I’m really into this right now as my youngest is on a long course of antibiotics so I’m trying to replenish his gut with the good bacteria that will keep him healthy!Have you heard the news that your olive oil is probably fake?However, the Costco organic brand passed the test with flying colours.And I’m sure I don’t have to tell you about coconut oil as half of the internet is already dedicated to coconut oil worship.You can score a vat of it at Costco so you can use it for everything from shaving your legs to muffins and be right on trend:If you are trying to avoid processed sugar, that’s awesome. 0:15 . I’m going to share with you my healthy Costco shopping list, why I love Costco, and how you can use it to eat more whole foods that nourish your body. I’ve taken back produce that went bad too quickly in my perspective and I get a fresh replacement.I LOVE that you put pictures of the products!

Thank you!! So glad you liked the post And I’m in Canada – so most of this stuff should be available for you, my friend!As with all your Shopping Lists, I really appreciate having concrete items that I know are ‘Oonagh-approved.’ No kayaks for me, thanks, but the Bose blue-tooth speaker was a real bargain!Another non-food item that’s saved me a ton of $ is the Webber Naturals triple-strength Omega 3 capsules. See all those jumbo bags of candy close to the check out? Get it delivered to your doorstep Fresh handpicked groceries from Costco to your front door! Thank you for this You’re welcome, Tricia! FWTFL tells you to save your alcohol consumption for Saturday (what is supposed to be your regular macro/heavy leg day workout) but if it fits into your macros then go for it. The deal with sprouted bread is that it always uses the whole grain (so you get the endosperm, which is where all the nutrients are at).Also –  the sprouting process breaks down the proteins and carbohydrate in the bread making it lower on the glycemic index, higher in protein  and more digestible for people who have trouble with grains. I can travel only a short 10-minute drive from one Costco location to another to find they don’t carry the same items.If something you want isn’t at your local Costco, make sure to ask a manager. Every. That makes it so much easier when I’m trying to find it for the first time! How should I make it and what should I put on the side? Sep 22, 2019 - Explore tmccullough's board "FWTFL", followed by 158 people on Pinterest. Plus they are packed with seeds for healthy fats.I can’t personally vouch for any of it, but I’m told that Costco is a great place to buy grassfed beef and organic or wild caught fish, which would be your best options for animal protein.I’m someone who cares about where my food comes from but I have to admit I always pause in front of the egg section of the grocery store because organic, free-range eggs are TWICE the price of the other ones. Same day grocery from Costco. Huh, every time I have gone into Costco I get WAY overwhelmed and kind of dizzy and can’t figure out what to buy, and leave spending lots of money and having nothing I really wanted. Avocado oil is a great alternative to olive oil – especially for cooking due to it’s high smoke point.One of my meal planning rules is to start with the vegetables. Prices may also vary by location.Their return policy is pretty much no questions ask.

Thanks Amanda!

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