go kart tire prep formulas

Purple outside prep : $75.00 . This is because your go-kart is most likely a rear wheel drive and it’s the rear tires that provide you with the most amount of traction on the track.After you’ve scuffed your tires, ensure that there is no rubber residue left on the surface of the go-kart tires. For more information, check out the guide on how to use a Go-kart tire prep formulas are mostly used on racing go-karts for track days. We have won races on track conditions from wet ,cold and slick to hot, high grip, calcium tracks. Tire prep formulas are available in two different sizes, a gallon container and a 32 ounce container. Another great feature of the TNT 5000X is that it also works for off-road karting, however a fourth or fifth coat would need to be applied for maximum effect.

This non-hazardous formula was initially used for drag racing and has found its way into other motorsports such as go-karting. We use this as a base on all car tires. Generally I like to use a three type tire strategy in building our program.

If you’re unsure about tire prep regulations for your race, you can simply check directly with the race organizer or the sanctioning body. The most common size is a 1 gallon container. Tire prep formulas usually come in two different sizes. You should apply 4 ounces on the outer tire and 3 ounces on the inner tire. When selecting a tire prep formula, you should ensure that the ingredients are non-toxic and are safe to use. It comes in a 32 ounce bottle and is easy to apply to your tires.

Blue (32oz) Sell $27.95: Part# 'TT SST' Track Tac SST Good base prep or PRW (32oz) Sell $27.95: Part# 'TT SAA' Track Tac SAA Grape Cold weather prep. We dont recommend inside prepping some brands of tires in certain situations, we will get more into this in applications.Moonshine “bubble gum” aggressive(blue)- This is our aggressive prep in the Moonshine line. Using these preps will get you a consistent program to put you competitive. If we qualify well on the scuffs we can go to the reroll tires if the track slows down at night. Applying the formula is also easy using a roller. Using a tire prep formula can ultimately save you a few tenths of a second per lap, which definitely adds up throughout the race.
For example older asphalt tracks with more rubber deposits tend to have a high “bite” than standard concrete tracks. The formula is easier to apply on scuffed tires and tires that are scuffed generally provide better grip on the race track surface. You can pick whatever is most comfortable for you. The formula is designed to increase traction when go-kart racing and it works best on race track surfaces. Andy Murray is one of the top Tire Specialist in the country. You can then finish off uncoated areas with a brush. The track- Dirt content, moisture content, size, and shape can be looked at in fixing tires for a race. Through extensive research, formulas have evolved toward more environmentally friendly options. Jun 5, 2016 #2 Most good internal preps are very very different from paint thinner. On my tires i typically roll the same amount in all 4, sometimes less in the lefts when we are talking about larger amounts of prep. Basic Tire Maintenance and Management (Predator 212, Clone 196cc, Go kart racing, Mini bike racing) - Duration: 1:14:49. If you see that there is no mention of this in the rules, you should ask the event or race organizer if you’re allowed to do so. I hope this info is helpful, it is a general guideline and should be used to gather ideas on how to improve you tire program. Most of the formulas contain a unique blend of polymers or resins, with an active ingredient. In this article we’ll be exploring the best go-kart tire prep formula for racing. Our outside prep to new tires will have a little more variation. A tire prep formula will increase the traction of your wheels on the track surface, which will in turn will enable you to reduce your lap times. The other size is a smaller 32 ounce container. Let me know how i can help! His preps are simple and effective. There are times when not wiping might be your best option , but we generally feel it is better to so some wiping to new tires at home. Scuffing increases grip, especially at the beginning of a race, when you need it the most. New tires usually have less grip as they are smoother and have less traction. Different types of track surfaces have different levels of grip. I’ll wipe through out the beginning and middle of the week typically finishing my preparation by double checking stagger Thursday. “Green Apple” is our heavy base prep and will drop the duro more so than the AT-2. Fortunately, making tire softener is an extremely simple process. the track preps are three totally different chemicals and work well along or together when needed! Some manufacturers are required to publish a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for their tire prep formula, if it contains hazardous chemicals in quantities that are greater than 1%. Brian . I think every prep & tire guy will have their favorites.

Get in a habit of marking the number of ounces that you have rolled inside each tire. Pro Blend claims that it can reduce racing lap times by two to five tenths of a second, due to the increased grip that your tires will have. Manufacturer’s are not required to disclose the active ingredient, as the formula is non-hazardous. To put things in perspective for you, a gallon container should last you for about 4 – 8 races. The Three tire strategy i’m speaking of is to categorize your tires and have one of each variation.
The more inside prep equals more side bite. Mad Man Tire wash is a great product. Some are designed strictly for asphalt racing or strictly for dirt track racing.

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